10 tips for cracking the CDS 1 2022 exam with self-preparation at home

The Combined Defense Services (CDS) exam is the exam conducted by the Indian Army to recruit deserved candidates for various posts in the Indian Army. It is done twice a year. Approx. 4-5 lakh candidates apply for the CDS exam.

The CDS exam has some of its parameters and eligibility criteria that must be met by the aspirants. Once candidates meet the eligibility criteria, they appear on the exam and if they pass the exam they go through certain rounds to eventually be accepted into the Indian Army.

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The CDS exam is undoubtedly a tough one. It takes constant hard work and patience. Because there is a huge curriculum that must be covered within a prescribed minimum amount of time. The CDS exam pattern is designed to test candidates’ speed and critical thinking skills.

The CDS exam consists of three sections: English, General Knowledge and Elementary Mathematics, each with 100 points.

The preparation for the CDS exam can be done by enrolling in any online or offline coaching session or from home. Self-preparation plays a huge role in cracking the CDS exam.

Would you like to prepare for the CDS exam?

Here in this article, we are going to discuss 10 tips to help you crack the self-paced CDS exam at home.

  1. Get to know the curriculum well

The curriculum is the most important part of preparation. Before beginning preparation, candidates must thoroughly review the CDS exam curriculum. It will help them identify the topics relevant to the CDS exam. Reading unnecessary topics is just a waste of time and extra effort of no benefit. Go through the curriculum very well and then study the content afterwards.

  1. Make a realistic schedule

The schedule is another important factor. Preparing for the CDS exam requires self-discipline and consistency, which is a product of self-control and positive habits. A schedule should be flexible and rigid at the same time so that it can generate self-discipline. With the right time and schedule, candidates can crack the CDS exam on the first try.

  1. Get the recommended books and guides

Because the CDS exam curriculum is huge, candidates must use books and notes to prepare. The books have desired content specifically designed for the CDS exam. Candidates can begin their preparation by reading these books. Candidates can take notes if they have enough time to prepare.

  1. Take part in online coaching / test series courses

In addition to self-preparation at home, candidates can take advantage of online courses specially designed for the CDS exam. The prospective candidates can take the CDS course from SSBCrackExams. Experienced faculties design the content in a thought-grabbing manner. What could be nicer than sitting comfortably at home and taking lessons at the same time?

  1. Time to create a planned diagram of the curriculum

Time management is another important factor that candidates need to look out for. The time required for studying and preparing for the CDS exam must be determined. The candidate should begin preparation 9-12 months before the CDS exam. Overall, the main purpose of time management is to make yourself consistent. And consistency is very important to crack the CDS exam.

  1. Solve questionnaires from the previous year

Questionnaires for the past year can fundamentally change the preparations. Solving questions from the previous year can help candidates analyze and correct their mistakes. It can also help candidates master the exam pattern of the CDS exam.

  1. Solve mock test series

Mock tests are a great way to practice for the CDS exam. The candidates should solve the test tasks in the prescribed time. And later, they should analyze their performance. By constantly practicing by solving the test tests, candidates can complete the preparation for the CDS exam.

  1. Thoroughly revise the content

Revision is just as important as studying. Regular revision can help candidates retain the information longer. Weekly revisions are recommended for candidates preparing for CDS.

  1. Give enough time to the math area

Elementary mathematics makes up a total of 100 points in the CDS exam. It is an important section and should be treated with sufficient practice. Many candidates ignore this section or do not try hard enough, while this section can potentially help candidates pass the CDS exam on the first try. Therefore, candidates should also pay due attention to this section.

  1. Stay consistent and motivated

And lastly and most importantly, consistency. Candidates should match degree to crack the CDS exam. Consistency creates momentum that helps candidates ease the burden of the CDS exam’s huge curriculum. therefore the candidates must be consistent.

Would you like to prepare for the CDS exam and the SSB interview?


From the above paragraphs it is very clear that the CDS exam is not easy. It takes consistent practice and hard work. In the paragraphs above, we discussed ways to prepare for the CDS exam from home. Serious candidates can create a realistic timetable and allow adequate time for each subject and section. With the right strategy, learning materials, time management and consistency, any candidate can crack the CDS exam at the first attempt. For more information on the CDS exam and other defense exams, visit the SSBCrackExams website. All the best.

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