2 lakh rupees will go to the account of the constables, the seal of the proposal, the government of this state has given a great gift

Dehradun: Government approves Rs 2 lakhs Pushkar Singh Dhami Government of Uttarakhand made a great gift to the police officers. The government has agreed to a proposal to give Rs 2 lakh to every police officer who has completed 20 years. Let us say that CM Dhami had already announced that he would give gifts to the police, but the seal is still on.

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Government Approved Rs 2 lakhs Chief Minister had said the 20 year tenure of 2001 Batch Constables was completed in October. In such a situation, the salary of these police officers will be reduced to 4,600. At the same time, a separate committee was set up to decide on the salaries of soldiers after 2001.

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Let us say that the Uttarakhand police soldiers are paid Rs 2000 at the time of recruitment. He will receive three ACPs (Assured Career Progression) during his entire tenure. Previously, the benefits of ACP were available in 10, 16, and 26 years. According to this, the soldiers received 2,400 salaries as Chief Constable after 10 years and 4,600 salaries as inspectors after 16 years. Whether they are promoted or not. The third grade salary was Rs 4800 which belongs to the inspector. This system was changed after the 7th tariff level. The period for the granting of the ACP benefit has been extended to 10, 20 and 30 years. At the same time, the level of the second grade (payable after 20 years of service) was increased to 2,800 instead of 4,600. There was resistance to this.

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