46,000 new jobs are hired at the Rajasthan Ministry of Education – Lakhs unemployed await their release.

There will be 46,000 new jobs in the Ministry of Education of Rajasthan, 20,000 positions in REET will be hired in Rajasthan, the Ministry of Education of Rajasthan will issue a clearance on the positions of 1st and 2nd grade teachers, many unemployed people in Rajasthan are waiting to be recruited.

Three major hires have been removed by the Ministry of Education, but there are still many candidates who are still not happy. Because of these three appointments, only one appointment was announced, while the appointment of two appointments was not announced. In such a situation, the biggest problem for candidates is that the curriculum for all three settings is different and it takes them the same amount of time to prepare for all three settings.

So the candidates don’t understand what kind of recruitment to prepare for. If the exam date is known, the candidates can prepare accordingly. The Department of Education only announced the date of REET Recruitment 2022. REET Recruitment 2022 will take place from May 14th to 15th, 2022. By the way, including these three settings, the total number of digits is about 36 thousand. Below we provide you with comprehensive information on all of these three recruits.

The fear of colliding with all three pre-entry exams haunts the candidates.

Candidates say we also fear that if the exam dates of all three recruits clash, they will not be able to prepare well for these exams. There are approximately 15 Lakh B.Ed graduates in the state of Rajasthan who will appear on the Reet Level 2 and Senior Teacher Recruitment Exam.

All of these candidates have postgraduate degrees at which point they can apply for school lecturer recruitment. It is for this reason that such candidates urge the government to announce the date of the recruitment exams soon so that they can schedule them according to the date of the exam. Because the curriculum of all three Department of Education recruitment exams is different, candidates must prepare well for these exams according to the curriculum and schedule.

Job postings in all three job vacancies

Recruitment Name Number of posts
Riding 2022 20 thousand posts
School teacher 6 thousand posts
Senior teacher 10 thousand posts
Computer teacher 10453 posts
Total number of posts 36,000 posts

The government must issue the sample of all three recruitment exams

  • After the implementation of REET 2021, the government had ordered that a second examination should also be organized after the REET recruitment test had been passed. Candidates who pass the second exam are then given the chance to become government teachers. Therefore, the candidates now want the government to clarify soon what will change in the rules of REET 2022 and according to which criteria the candidates will be selected.
  • There is a government request from the state’s unemployed candidates that the date of examination of all Department of Education’s recruitment including school teachers, senior teachers, computer instructors be disclosed. Candidates who are waiting a long time for the government job due to the firing date, then these candidates will have no difficulty at all in preparing well for the hiring test. Rajasthan State President Upen Yadav also says the commission should update its calendar and publish the date for the recruitment exams immediately so that candidates can easily prepare for and pass the exams.

In Jaipur, more than 3 lakh candidates prepare for all three recruitment exams.

  • It was recently reported that the number of candidates preparing for these three recruitment exams in Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan state, is around 3 lakhs. All of these candidates would like to receive coaching in order to pass the recruitment exams. But apart from the REET recruitment exam, the date of the two exams is not known. For the same reason, candidates cannot receive coaching either. Because the curricula in all of these three recruitment processes are very different, candidates will need to prepare for these three recruitment exams in different ways.
  • The chairman of the public service commission in Rajasthan, Shivsingh Rathod, announced a few days ago on social media that as soon as the recruitment candidacy was received, the recruitment examination date would also be announced.

The process of recruiting computer teachers will also begin soon

There are thousands of such B.Ed graduates in the state eligible for computer teacher employment, so they will be involved in computer teacher recruitment as well. The biggest problem for Computer Instructor Recruitment candidates is that they don’t know what kind of recruitment to prepare for. As a result, the government must soon approve Computer Instructor Recruitment so that candidates can easily prepare for the date of this exam.

CP Sharma, expert on selection procedures, urged the government

CP Sharma, an expert on competitive exams in the state of Rajasthan, has urged the Rajasthan government to release the template for teacher recruitment exams soon. If the exam pattern is cleared up soon, then the candidates who want to prepare for all of these three recruits will have no problem at all. He said many B.Ed graduates come to see him for advice on which exams to prepare for as the curriculum for all three exams is different.

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