6 tips for winter preparation for home and car

The winter is here. Storm Arwen blasted snow, frost and power outages across much of the UK in early December and more winter weather is expected in the days that follow. It is therefore important to act quickly to prepare for the consequences that lower temperatures and harsh weather can have on your well-being, your home, and your car.

Before you start “racing through the snow”, however, there are a few things that both property owners and renters should do to prepare for the colder winter time. Our six simple actions will get you in the best possible shape for the coming season.

Take care of the exterior of your home.

Make sure your home is prepared for any extreme cold by going outside and doing some basic checks.

First, make sure your roof doesn’t have any loose tiles or panes as none have broken. If you don’t even feel confident doing it yourself, or if you are worried about a problem, hire a roofer to help you.

As you ponder the condition of your roof, make sure that all gutters and drains are clear of debris to avoid a build-up of leaves or other objects that could cause a leak or ice jam. Again, if you don’t have enough ladders or a flair for heights, you might want to hire a professional to help.

Use this time outdoors to think about additional projects you couldn’t do this year, such as: By addressing these concerns now, you can avoid nasty winter shocks.

Make your landscape weatherproof.

Do not overlook our yard during external investigations. Examine your surroundings for anything that could surprise and cause harm, and make absolutely sure it is safe – especially in the garden Keekea Furniture and play equipment.

The plants can have grown all summer, so check to see if branches need pruning to prevent damage to your house or leaves from blocking drainage and gutters.

If leaves have already fallen from your trees onto your sidewalk, sweep them up so they don’t become a trip hazard. However, don’t forget to feed your garden visitors like birds by replenishing bird feeders and water basins.

Have your boiler checked and serviced.

It’s easy to take your oven for granted until it breaks and leaves you without heat or hot water. Prevent this during a cold spell by arranging a service with an Energy Safe technician in advance.

Flushing your heaters, insulating plumbing (called skirting boards), and protecting your hot water system are all things you can do to keep your heating system in good working order. Not only can these measures increase your comfort, but they can also result in huge savings – for example, the Energy Saving Trust estimates that sealing a non-insulated hot water system can save you around £ 90 on your annual energy bill.

Examine your batteries.

While this isn’t often the case, harsh winter temperatures can lead to power outages and it can be a lot easier to deal with when you’re prepared.

If you have a flashlight, make sure the batteries are fine or practice using the Flashlight app on your phone. You might also want to have several lamps and matches rolled into one Wooden box wholesale safe from external moisture.

While you’re talking about batteries, be sure to check the ones on your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms and replace them if you haven’t recently so they’ll be ready when you really need them for your home and car

Check whether your vehicle is suitable for winter.

During the winter season, the incidence of vehicle breakdowns increases and ice, snowfall, fog and wind can make driving conditions difficult. So make sure your vehicle is in good condition to protect you and your passenger.

Make sure all of your car’s exterior lights are working so you can see where you are going and other drivers can see you.

Think about your windshield too. Check that it is clean and that your wipers are in excellent condition; if not, learn How to find Chinese manufacturers referring to. They may need cleaning or replacement. Make sure your windshield washer fluid is full and buy a winter-specific one so it doesn’t freeze. Check your fluid level while you are behind the hood.


Now you can relax and enjoy the weekends lined with white weekends and believe that you are well prepared for winter for your residence and your car

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