8 Study Tips: Study Tips: If you sleep early in the morning, try these 8 tips


  • After trying these methods, you will be sleepy far away.
  • Do not study at all while sitting on the bed and in low light.
  • Keep these specifics in mind as you study in the morning.

Do you feel sleepy studying early in the morning? Don’t you remember anything while studying in the morning? If so, then you know that falling asleep while studying in the morning is a very common problem. There are many students who wake up in the morning to study but cannot study because of insomnia. When we sleep, our brain stops working and we don’t remember anything. When we get tired in our eyes, we try hard reading for a while, but in the end, when everything gets out of our way, we are left to sleep helplessly. As a result, students cannot complete their curriculum even if they want to and are left behind by others. With this problem in mind, here are 8 simple tips that will make you sleepless and easy to study.

1. Study in good light
After waking up in the morning, many students try to study by just lighting a study lamp. A lamp keeps the rest of the room almost dark. It is quite natural to fall asleep in this peaceful and dim environment. In such a situation, keep the study room light properly.

2. Never study while sitting on the bed
This problem is also common among students. Many people start their studies by sitting on the bed after getting up in the morning. That can make you lazy. You will try to read slowly by lying down, and then sleep will take you into its lap. Therefore, always sit with your back straight on the chair when studying. Stand in front of a table and instead of holding a book on your lap, read it by placing it on the table in front of it. Even after sitting in the chair, after a while, keep moving your hands or feet. This will keep you active.

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3. Wake up in the morning to get some fresh air and go for a walk
If you sit down to study right after you get up in the morning, you will naturally fall asleep. So after getting up, do your daily activities first and then take a short walk on the balcony or outdoors. This gives you fresh air wherever you play sport. With this action, your sleep will completely disappear. After that, you can study for many hours in comfort.

4. Drink water in the morning when you wake up
Drink water in the morning after you wake up. After a while, you should continue to drink water while you are studying. Not only will this benefit your health, but it will give you another benefit as well. As you drink more water, after a while, you will have to get up from your seat and go to the bathroom, which will break your body’s inactivity and keep you active. Plus, drinking more water keeps the mind hydrated and refreshed. This keeps the activity active, which makes it easier to memorize the lesson.

5. Make an early bedtime and early wake up routine
Going to bed early and getting up early promotes physical well-being, prosperity and mental performance. This statement has just as much meaning in the life of a student as it does in the life of a common man. If you sleep early at night, you can get enough sleep, which will help you wake up feeling refreshed in the morning. It is very easy to remember things with a fresh mind. At the same time, it makes no sense to go back to sleep while studying after you have finished sleeping.

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6. If you feel sleepy, splash water on your face
After studying, if you continuously fall asleep late into the night during the exam, then you will find it difficult to get up in the morning. When we are tired of studying, we keep falling asleep. If this happens, get up immediately, go to the bathroom, and splash water on your face. This will remove your lethargy and drowsiness and refresh your mind to remember things in new ways.

7. If you feel sleepy, read your favorite subject
Morning time is considered the best time to read and memorize. The topic learned in the morning is well remembered. However, if you feel drowsy while studying, the best thing to do in the morning is to choose the topics that you like best and that are easy to understand and remember. You don’t need to put in a lot of effort to read and memorize simple topics or subjects. This way you won’t get bored and you can sit and study for a long time.

8. Study by writing or speaking
If you have trouble sleeping while studying, this method will prove to be effective in relieving the boredom and sleep that occur while studying. Read each subject aloud as the teacher teaches in the class. This will keep your mind awake and reduce the chance of falling asleep. That being said, reading through self-explanation makes it very easy to remember things. Also, memorize the text by jotting down difficult answers or questions instead of just memorizing it orally. This will also keep your alertness and make things easier for you to remember.


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