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THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Students and teachers of the upper secondary level Plus-II have spoken out against the unsystematic way in which a number of exams were scheduled from the end of this month, which had an effect on the timely completion of the parts.

Since the batches have been further broken down into smaller units as part of Covid-related restrictions, a student would only get about 10 days of classes before the Plus-I improvement exam begins on Jan. 31, plus-I board exams, a large number of Plus II students will likely take the improvement exam this year. In addition, teachers are used for assessment tasks, which would further affect regular lessons.

Shortly after the Plus-I improvement exams, the Plus-II practical exams begin on February 21.
This is followed by the Plus-II model test on February 16 and the Abitur tests on March 30. Teachers and students have appealed to the authorities to carry out the practical examinations after the examination before a committee, as in the previous year. This would give a few extra days of class that at least the focus area could be covered, they said.

“According to the current regulations, Plus II students only get three days of lessons per week and that until the afternoon. This means that a student has only had less than 15 days of lessons since offline lessons began, ”emphasized a senior teacher. Since the focus has now completely shifted to offline teaching, digital teaching has been more or less neglected by most schools, she added.

After much shouting from students and teachers, the “focus” for the grammar school was published a few days ago. While in the previous year only 40% of the curriculum was intended as a “focus area”, this year this was increased to 60%. “After completing the practical exams, the students have to take the sample exam and the public exam in quick succession. This leaves very little time to complete the focus areas yourself, ”said Anil M. George, general secretary of the Higher Secondary School Teachers’ Association.

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