AIL LET 2022 Curriculum – Check Subject Curriculum, Exam Pattern, Best Books

AIL LET 2022 curriculum – The AIL LET curriculum is very important for exam preparation. The Army Institute of Law (AIL) is conducted by the Army Institute of Law Entrance Test. The official curriculum is published on the official website, i.e. AIL LET 2022 consists of 4 sections that you need to prepare very well to crack the exam. The following are the main topics that are very important from an exam point of view. In this article, you will find the AIL LET syllabus, AIL LET exam template, some of the AIL LET exam preparation tips, etc.

AIL LET 2022 curriculum

There are four sections in this AIL LET – Intellectual Skills, Legal Aptitude, General English, and General Knowledge and Current Affairs.

Mental Skills Curriculum –

Encoding-decoding Consanguinity
Friend charts Series completion
Completion of the series direction
Order and ranking Cubes and cuboids
Inference analogy
mystery Conclusion
Claim & Reason Statement analysis
Math operations Data availability

Legal Qualification Curriculum –

The Constitution of India Legal terms
Landmark judgments Legal facts
New laws, bills, or regulations Other current law-related matters
Tort law Fact and principle based questions
Changes Recent developments
Hierarchy of courts Contract law
intellectual property civil right
Family law Indian Criminal Code

General Knowledge & News Curriculum –

Geography and history Art and literature
National news Sports
science International treaties and bilateral agreements
business International news
Missile events and launch vehicles Bilateral agreements
contracts Indian armed forces
International organizations geography
story Citizenship
Legal structure in India Awards and honors
UN bodies National income

General English Curriculum –

One word replacement Synonyms
Reading comprehension antonyms
Recognize mistakes Phrases
English grammar Idioms
Sentence completion Spell check
Tense article
noun Analogies
Sentence conversion Choose the appropriate words
Subject verb agreement Para-mess

AIL LET 2022 books

Books are very important in preparing for the AIL LET 2022 exam. The books are listed in the table below, candidates can refer to it –

Book name Purchase link
CLAT & LL.B. Entrance exam from Ankit Verma Click here
Legal qualification from RK Gupta Click here
Fast track target arithmetic by Rajesh Verma Click here
Analytical thinking from MK Pandey Click here
Wren & Martin high school English grammar and composition Click here
Goal General English Click here
General knowledge 2021: Current Who’s Who & current news Click here
Legal awareness and legal rationale for 2022 by AP Bhardwaj Click here

AIL LET 2022 exam template

Candidates can view the AIL LET 2022 exam template in the table below –

  • Test duration – 120 minutes
  • Number of Sections – 4th
  • Kind of questions – Questions with multiple answers
  • Marks for the correct answer – 1 mark
  • Negative mark – No
  • Exam mode – online
  • Language medium English
Sections Number of questions Number of brands
Mental ability 50 50
Legal suitability 50 50
General English 50 50
General knowledge & news 50 50
total 200 200

AIL LET 2022 preparation tips

Candidates can review the AIL LET prep tips and strategies listed below, section by section –

For mental abilities –

  • Try to learn new shortcuts and tricks.
  • Solve different puzzles.

For legal suitability –

  • You should be aware of current legal matters.
  • Candidates must have knowledge of the applicable laws.
  • There are many fact- and principle-based questions out there, so prepare accordingly.

For general English –

  • Try to improve your vocabulary by learning new English words every day.
  • Read the English newspaper and highlight and learn the words you do not know what they mean.
  • Prepare some good books with good vocabulary every day.

For general knowledge & news –

  • Read daily newspapers to improve your general knowledge.
  • Read current events daily.
  • You can also read from various magazines.

Frequently asked questions about the AIL LET 2022 curriculum

Where will the AIL LET 2022 curriculum be published?

The AIL LET 2022 curriculum will be published on the official website i.e.

What are the different sections in AIL LET 2022?

The different sections in AIL LET 2022 are –
1. Mental abilities
2. General English
3. Legal suitability
4. General knowledge and current affairs

What is the Law Eligibility Curriculum for AIL LET 2022?

The Syllabus of Law Aptitude contains landmark judgments, legal facts, legal terms, the Constitution of India, current affairs related to law, etc.

How long is the AIL LET 2022 exam?

The duration of the AIL LET 2022 exam is 120 minutes.

Can you suggest some books for the AIL LET 2022 legal proficiency test?

Some of the books you can refer to for Law Aptitude are Legal Awareness and Legal Reasoning for 2022 by AP Bhardwaj, CLAT & LL.B. Entrance exam by Ankit Verma, etc.

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