All devotees have to undergo an RT-PCR test, drones for the Gangasagar bath – find out about all the precautions here

Gangasagar Mela 2022: The Gangasagar Mela was inaugurated on January 12, 2022 by West Bengal Prime Minister Mamata Banerjee following strict COVID-19 protocols following approval from the Kolkata Supreme Court. The Supreme Court gave the festival the green light and ordered to ensure that the Covid norms are followed.

West Bengal Prime Minister Mamata Banerjee said at the opening of the festival: “I ask everyone, including sadhus, to downsize this Mela (Gangasagar) as COVID is spreading rapidly. I could do what I can, but the Covid-Omicron situation is out of my hands. ” The Prime Minister also urged pilgrims not to overcrowd vehicles to reach Gangasagar Mela, wear double masks, follow COVID norms and cooperate with the administration.

the Gangasagar Mela is the largest fair in the east India and testifies in the footsteps of over lakhs of devotees each year. It takes place in Gangasagar in West Bengal. Pilgrims from several states including Bihar, Odisha, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh and others have come to take part in the yatra by bus and train.

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Authorities have ensured that much additional preparations are made to host the Gangasagar Mela taking into account the COVID-19 pandemic and rising Covid cases. Let’s look at all of the precautions taken in the 10 items below.

Gangasagar Mela 2022: Strict COVID protocols in place – Knowledge in 10 points

1. Authorities have put massive COVID management precautions in place at all entry points, including medical exams such as thermal review and disinfection, and rapid antigen testing of all trailers.

2. The devotees are randomly tested in order not to know whether people are infected or not. In addition, it is constantly checked whether the people are double vaccinated or not.

3. No pilgrim is allowed to come to Gangasagar Mela 2022 without a vaccination and RT-PCR test. Both water and air ambulances are available on site for those infected with COVID.

4th Authorities have also dispatched doctors and mass-level volunteers, and awareness is ongoing to ensure that everyone is wearing masks.

5. All activities of the Gangasagar Mela are monitored from the Mega Control Room with CCTV cameras and drones. An integrated control room was set up, but all police, civil defense and civil administration officers can also view the video surveillance and drone material. The supervision is carried out by State Secretariat Nabanna at the level of the senior IG, DG and Chief Secretary.

6th Large numbers of police, civil defense, naval and disaster relief teams were deployed to handle the crowd. Over 15,000 police officers are on duty to organize the festival smoothly and safely.

7th Every precaution has been taken to transport people with the facility of GPRS on buses, ships and barges as the trailers have to cross the ocean to get to the Mela. All buses that carry the pilgrims are only used 50 percent to avoid overcrowding.

8th. The Gangasagar Mela is expected to be attended by around 3-4 lakhs in 2022 and accordingly the preparations have been made.

9. Heavy drones have been arranged for the Gangasagar bath as people are afraid to go into the water and everyone is drone bathed in the Ganges water. Ganga Aarti was also organized in a great way.

Mask or no mask?

According to several media reports Many followers have violated Covid protocols despite such strict Covid protocols. The supporters were seen without wearing masks and disregarding the norms of social distance and standing tightly in line in test centers despite repeated announcements by the police that they were following Covid protocols.

Several critics have rejected the decision to hold the Gangasagar Mela amid a surge in Covid cases across the country. One such reviewer tweeted that we must learn from our past mistakes. “Schools are closed, funerals and weddings are limited. Tremendous disruption to public life from Omicron. Rightly so. The continuation of exposed political rallies and “Gangasagar Mela” will be catastrophic for the people. ” tweeted Bhramar Mukherjee, professor of epidemiology.

Gangasagar Mela

Gangasagar Mela is an annual pilgrimage meeting during Makar Sakranti on Sagar Island in West Bengal. The mela undergoes several rituals, including Ganga Arti around Sagar Island. That year, the Gangasagar Mela began on January 9, 2022.


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