Assam students in grades X, XII are pricked before the March board exams

GUWAHATI: The state exams of Assam classes X and XII will take place in March next year, with all examinees fully vaccinated, Education Minister Ranoj Pegu said here on Thursday.

An order from the State Ministry of Education stipulated that vaccination of students aged 15 to 18 years would be completed by the first week of March 2022.

Pegu hoped that the examinees could be vaccinated with both doses before the exam began. “With vaccination for children starting January 3, test subjects can receive both doses before the tests begin,” Pegu said. They will be given Covaxin and the second injection is due after 28 to 42 days. He said students in 10 to 15 schools will be vaccinated every day once vaccination is in place. In smaller districts, vaccination is carried out daily in around 10 schools, while in larger districts pupils are vaccinated in 15 to 20 schools.


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He informs that the examinees before the committee will be vaccinated as a matter of priority. At the same time, an awareness-raising campaign will be launched to vaccinate parents with both doses. “The state exams are expected to begin in mid-March and will be completed in the first week of April. The necessary preparations have been completed,” Pegu told media representatives.

Assam had set an estimated target to vaccinate approximately 18.25 lakh children. However, the actual numbers can exceed 20 lakh including the swimming population and dropouts.

By order of the state school office, the other deputy school officers of the respective districts supervise the trip in coordination with the school inspector of the respective districts. The school inspector has been instructed to ensure that private school and risk school students are covered while driving.

“Schools should provide two separate rooms for girls and boys for vaccination. For the vaccinated girls and boys, two waiting / rest rooms can be set up within the school premises, ”says the order of the head teacher (education), B Kalyan Chakravarthy.

He added that the school inspector will also compile the list of middle schools, technical colleges and technical institutions in their respective districts and coordinate the orders of the vaccination centers with their heads. “The director of technical education, Assam, and the director of secondary education will provide the necessary assistance in this regard,” the order reads.


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