ATMA 2022 preparation tips for analytical thinking

Here are some tips and tricks to help prepare for the Analytical Reasoning section for ATMA 2022. Candidates can review these tips while preparing for the ATMA exam.

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Aspiring MBA candidates compete for the Aims Test for Management Admission (ATMA) to advance to the best MBA colleges in India. The ATMA exam is divided into different sections: Analytical Thinking, Verbal Skills, and Quantitative Skills. Each section is in turn divided into PART I and PART II. Usually the Analytical Reasoning section is considered the trickiest and most difficult of the three sections. But with practice and proper preparation, candidates can excel in this section as well.

Highlights of ATMA 2022’s analytical reasoning

According to the trends of the previous year for the sections Analytical Reasoning, the difficulty level of this section is between medium difficult. As the name of the section suggests, analytical thinking is all about critical thinking and logical thinking. One must be able to analyze the question critically and derive a logical explanation from it. Practice comes with understanding and accuracy, which will be helpful when attempting this section.
Also, here are some key points you should know about the Analytical Reasoning section of ATMA 2022:

  • Similar to the other sections, the Analytical Thinking section is divided into two subsections, Analytical Thinking PART I and Analytical Thinking PART II.
  • There are a total of 60 questions and 30 questions in each section.
  • All questions are in multiple choice questions (MCQ) format.
  • Each answer has the same number of points, ie plus 1 for the correct answer.
  • ATMA 2022 also has a negative rating for incorrect answers. For each wrong answer 0.25 points are deducted.
  • On average, 22-25 correct answers can be considered a good attempt.

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ATMA 2022 Syllabus: Analytical Reasoning

Take a look at the Analytical Reasoning Curriculum for ATMA 2022.

Encoding and decoding Blood relatives Critical thinking
Statement and conclusion Arguments Friend charts
Data availability method Syllogisms
Arrangements Statements and Conclusions Strong and weak arguments

Tricks and Tips for ATMA 2022 Analytical Reasoning Section

The Analytical Reasoning section of ATMA 2022 requires a lot of practice and dedication. The candidates must solve sample papers, test series and sample papers as much as possible. There are no formulas or tricks to make it easy. The only way to crack ATMA 2022 is to practice and train the brain to think critically and to solve such questions. Analytical thinking questions are like puzzles and need to be solved. Hence, here are some tips that might be helpful in preparing for ATMA 2022 for analytical thinking:

  • The first step in solving an analytical question is understanding the question. If you don’t understand the real question, it is difficult to find the answers. Therefore, rather than rushing the question, candidates need to pause and try to understand the question and then try to resolve it.
  • Candidates need to focus on solving ATMA Mock Test and ATMA Sample Papers. It helps them answer the questions quickly and accurately during the exam.
  • Everyone has their comfort zone and weaknesses. Candidates should write it down and start preparing accordingly. It’s also best to take notes during the exam.
  • Sometimes the answers to the analytical reasoning question reside in the question itself. So read the question carefully for a logical explanation and answer to the question.
  • Candidates need to think critically as they attempt this section. It is best to develop it as a skill. The questions must be broken down with logical explanations to find an accurate answer. The questions follow a flow of events; you have to find the flow to finally find the right answer.
  • Drawing charts, grids, or tables will help you understand the questions.
  • After all, candidates need to take time to read. It helps in understanding the questions, which directly affects the accuracy of the answers.

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Books for ATMA 2022 Analytical Reasoning

Check out the list of the best books for the ATMA 2022 Preparations for Analytical Reasoning section:

Name of the book Authors
Analytical thinking MK Pandey
Logical and analytical thinking K. Gupta
A new way of thinking BS Sijwali and S Sijwali
Analytical and logical thinking for CAT and other management entry tests Piyush Bharadwaj
A modern approach to verbal reasoning RS Aggarwal

All candidates must prepare well for the analytical section. In addition to these books, candidates will also need to refer to other study materials and online videos for guidance. For more information and assistance, contact us through the Q-and-A-Zone or write to us using the Joint Application Form (CAF).

Stay tuned to CollegeDekho for more tips and tricks for ATMA 2022!

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