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Mumbai, January 3rd: Corona in the country due to the tenth and twelfth exams of the college of the final academic year (10th & 12th college examination) Was cancelled. Board results according to a special evaluation method (Board result) In the public. But this year the board exams will be taken offline (Offline board exams) Education Minister Varsha Gaikwad announced that they would be held (Minister Varsha Gaikwad) Had done. Accordingly, now is the date of the 10th and 12th examination before a committee (Date of board exams in Maharashtra) Was announced. The exams take place in March and April. That is why the students have now started their studies in earnest. Exactly how much you learn during your studies (Preparation for examinations before a committee) Most students don’t know how much preparation is left. That’s why we’re giving you a few tips today (Preparation tips for the examination before a committee) We give you so that you can check how well prepared your board is. Corona is back in the country. The number of new Omicron and Delta patients is increasing in Maharashtra. Schools in Mumbai and Thane closed again (Schools closed in Maharashtra) Have been made. However, classes X to XII were continued. In most states, schools are closed and students are learning online again (Online education) I contacted the department. Here are some tips if you want to enroll for this year’s board exam (Tips for the board exams) Knowledge that will help you get good grades. Let’s find out now.

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These tips are important

Before starting the exam before a committee, set a few goals for yourself. Set your percentage goal in it. Then prepare to achieve it. That way you can learn after that goal. Before the exam, make a weekly or monthly plan and stick to it strictly. Understand the pattern of the board exam you will be taking. For this purpose, sample questionnaires and previous year’s questionnaires should be completed. Practice writing as you review. This improves handwriting and writing habits. Take notes on the topic as you read something. Don’t keep it for later. This will make your rating better.

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If you have any doubts about a topic, speak to teachers or seniors. This will keep you from getting involved in anything. Don’t be afraid of board exams. Take some time for yourself during the day. Do physical activity or give your hobbies time.

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