can I crack jee main 2022 in the first attempt ??? Tips, strategy and schedule ???


Yes, you can still crack Jee Main 2022 if you are willing to work hard, study well, and remain honest with your preparation and study with focus

Follow the tips below: –

——————) Go through your curriculum well and since you will have less time, concentrate and emphasize more on important and evaluative topics or chapters that are thematically related to below Listed are your chapter-wise weight age based on the papers of the last year: –


  • * Modern physics: – 20 marks

  • * Heat and Thermodynamics: – 12 points

  • * Optics: – 12 marks

  • * Electricity Electricity: – 12 marks

  • * Electrostatics: – 12 points

  • * Magnetics: – 8 marks


  • * Transition elements and coordination chemistry: – 12 points

  • * Periodic table and representative elements: – 12 points

  • * Thermodynamics and gaseous state: – 8 points

  • * Atomic structure: – 8 marks

  • * Chemical bond: – 8 marks

  • * Chemical and ionic equilibrium: – 8 points


  • * Coordinate geometry: – 20 marks

  • * Limits, continuity and differentiability: – 12 points

  • * Integral calculus: – 12 points

  • * Complex Numbers and Quadratic Equation: – 8 points

  • * Matrices and determinants: – 8 points

  • * Statistics and probability: – 8 points

  • * Vector algebra: – 8 points

To help you plan your studies, you will find the chapter-by-chapter weighting of all chapters under

——————) Practice Questions: – After completing each chapter you should practice numerics and mcqs to master the concepts

——————) Short breaks: – Take short breaks between your studies, continuous learning can be brain-tired and it becomes difficult to concentrate and study, so take breaks to relax and refresh the brain.

——————) Set yourself goals: – Set yourself daily goals for how I have to deal with these many topics today, weekly goals for how I deal with and solve these chapters this week must also have mcqs by the end of this week and meet them with no errors


Follow a routine or schedule

: – You can make a routine and follow it religiously, trying to study your routine for at least 10-12 hours each day.

. PHYSICS is the hardest part for most aspirants as it has to do with both numbers and concepts, so devote at least 4-5 hours to physics each day.

. In chemistry you have to deal with reactions and learn them and also solve questions, so plan at least 3 hours a day for chemistry

. Math is all about practicing questions, so try to devote at least about 4 hours of math each day

——————) Revise: – Revise your concepts, formulas, etc. at regular intervals. The revision is very important or as your curriculum progresses you will forget about the concepts you previously learned and you will not do well on your exam.

——————) Solve JEE question from the previous year: – By solving questions from the previous year, you will find out the exam pattern, the type of questions asked in the exam and the Difficulty level of the questions, also concepts of the questions are repeated many times, so it will be of great help to you. You can check out the previous year’s papers at

——————) Go through the JEE mock test papers: – It will tell you your level of preparation. After you have solved each mock test paper, do yourself an analysis of what helps you, know your weaknesses / issues so that you can work on them and these strong so that you can do well on your exam.

To help you prepare, we have jee main knockout for you, the link for it is below

Thanks very much

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