CAT 2021 Topper Interview: Amrit Anwesh – Beatboxer who was successful last year at the NIT Rourkela in the first attempt without coaching!

Meet Amrit Anwesh, the boy in his final year of engineering at NIT Rourkela who passed the CAT exam on the first try. And if that’s not impressive enough, you know he did it without taking a coaching class. Oh, and he drops some cool beats with his beatboxing skills too. Talk about an all-rounder!

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IIM Ahmedabad on Monday announced the IIM CAT 2021 exam result for the exam that took place on November 28th. This year, 9 candidates got the 100% percentile score, while 19 candidates got 99% in the 2021 Common Admission Test. These candidates became a sensation overnight after the declaration of results and now the future CAT candidates want to get to know their success story. To make our readers aware of the preparatory journey that has made them master the toughest tests, our esteemed editor Himanshu Tiwari spoke to Amrit Anwesh-CAT 2021 Topper a few days ago. Check out the section below to see the excerpts from this interview.

Watch: CAT 2021 Topper Interview by Amrit Anwesh on Youtube

Question: What was your first reaction when you saw your CAT 2021 scorecard?

year: Well, the reaction was completely normal, but I didn’t expect this high score. After checking the result, I called my parents and gave them this news and they were amazed to hear this.

Question: What was your Sectional Percentile i.e. VARC, DILR, and Quantitative Ability?

year: My cut percentile was 99.91% in VARC, 99.96 in DILR, and 99.45 in Quantitative Ability.

About preparing for the CAT exam

Question: Was this your first attempt at CAT? What was your strategy for this exam?

year: Yes, that was my first attempt at the CAT exam. After my senior year, I decided to take the GRE and CAT exams, so I really wanted to start preparing for the exam. Due to some personal mishaps, I only studied a few sections and tried many sample tests before the exam.

Question: Are you referring to any specific books for CAT 2021? Have you signed up for online coaching?

year: Not really, I was mainly dependent on Youtube videos and test analyzes I recorded. No, most of my preparations came from online resources and videos available on the social media platforms

Question: How much time did it take you to complete the CAT curriculum?

year: Having a technical background was a plus for me. I practiced for the Reasoning section and preparing for GRE at the same time helped me prepare for the Verbal section.

Question: How many test tests did you try before taking the CAT exam?

year: I took 4 to 5 test tests from different websites before taking the exam. My main focus has been to thoroughly study my performance after completing the test, e.g. B. which topics require more attention, which errors can be avoided, etc.

Question: Was it helpful to prepare for GRE at the same time as the CAT exam?

year: GRE also had an oral section and my English wasn’t very good. Preparing for GRE has helped me develop my verbal skills and taught me a strong vocabulary.

Question: How did you handle the negative rating in CAT 2021?

year: I have made up my mind to only mark the answers that I am 100% sure about. I tried to avoid the questions that might prove to be wrong on the final evaluation. I avoided the guesswork and just focused on solving the questions before marking them.

Question: What was your strategy for the exam day?

year: I had a light meal the day before the exam and slept well. Besides that, I failed to do any tweaking myself before the exam and that helped me make my point.

Take the revised exam template from CAT Exam

Question: What was your opinion on the revised question number for CAT 2021?

year: I found that very good, because only the numbers of the questions were reduced and not the duration. This gave me extra time to focus on the harder ones without worrying about the time limit.

Amrit’s hobbies, extracurricular activities, and future plans

Question: What are your interests other than academics. Are there any relaxation activities?

year: I am a member of many committees at my college such as music, astronomy, basketball team. All of these things help relax the mind after a hectic day.

Question: What is your plan for the GD / PI round now that you have passed the CAT written exam?

year: From now on I am contacting my seniors, who have already passed this test, to get a proper idea of ​​the approach to this round. Otherwise, I will use various YouTube videos as a guide for this round.

Question: Do you have a dream college in mind?

year: My top preference for admission are IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bengaluru, IIM Calcutta, or IIM Kozhikode.

Question: What are your aspirations after completing the MBA?

year: I aspire to become an entrepreneur and serve various communities in India with my work.

Motivation behind the success and finishing lines for CAT 2022 contenders

Question: Who is the greatest motivator in your life?

year: My father is the greatest motivation in my life. I have always been inspired by him to move forward in life.

Question: What would you say if I wanted to summarize your success mantra on one line?

year: My success mantra is to stay calm and just focus on the goal.

Question: What is the only advice you would give to future aspirants?

year: I would just say that you do a lot of trial tests and go through the performance analysis. Develop your own strategy as the analysis will provide the right insight into the weaker and stronger sections. Also, get enough sleep and a balanced diet the day before the examination.

Watch the full interview here!

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