CAT 2021 Topper Interview – Parth Chowdhary

The exam results for CAT 2021 were announced a few days ago and many candidates passed this year’s entrance exam with grades close to 99% and 100% of the percentile. Days after the CAT 2021 result was announced, we read topper’s success stories. Aglasem has always been keen to introduce our esteemed readers over time to the emerging stories and this time around we had the opportunity to interview CAT 2021 topper Parth Sudesh Choudhary. He was among the students who got 99.9 percentile points on the CAT exam that year. The following sections will tell you more about the Parth tips and tricks that helped him pass the exam:

Questions: What was your first reaction when you saw your CAT 2021 scorecard?

year: I received my CAT score sheet earlier and used some prediction tools to get my score but yeah when it came out I was over the moon and it was the best feeling.

Parth Chowdhary CAT 2021 Scorecard

Questions: What was your cut percentile i.e. VARC, DILR and Quantitative Ability?

year: I scored 99.98 percentiles in QA, 99.72 percentiles in DI & LR, and 99.96 percentiles in VA and RC.

Questions: Was this your first attempt at CAT? What is your academic background?

year: Yes, that was my first attempt at the CAT exam. I completed my training at DPS, Vadodara, and was the twelfth state leader in retail. I am currently in the final year of my BA in Economics from Sri Ram College at Delhi University.

Questions: What do you think of the myth that only engineering students can beat the DI & LR section of CAT?

Year: It’s a myth and I’m glad I shattered that myth as there is no particular educational background but the planning works to pass the tough exams like CAT.

Questions: When did you start your CAT preparations? What was your strategy?

Year: I started preparing for CAT in 2021. There’s no hard and fast rule for strategic planning, but yes, showing up for the entrance exams after completing Grade 12 definitely helped lay a foundation for the exam. I focused more on practicing different levels of questions and spotting loopholes was the basic strategy.

Questions: Are you registering for online coaching? What do you think of the role coaching classes play on exams like CAT?

year: After I finished my 12th grade, I enrolled at IMS, Vadodara. I think mentoring and faculties offered by the coaching class shape more of the approach and strategy for the candidates than the resources and books.

Questions: How much time did it take you to complete the CAT curriculum?

year: I think the curriculum can be broken down into subsections to better deal with the different sections for the exam. Initially, I invested my time and concentration on grasping the basics for 2.5 months and then switched to intensive practice.

Questions: How many test tests did you try before taking the CAT exam?

year: I took a total of 22-25 test tests before showing up for the CAT exam. These simulated tests helped by providing the correct approach for each section.

Questions: What was the special strategy on exam day?

year: I didn’t have an exam strategy for the CAT exam, just 3 to 4 days before the exam I relaxed with my friends and family. I relied on having to prepare for the exam in advance to avoid an emergency or last-minute hassle.

Questions: How did you cope with the most difficult section of the CAT exam?

year: For me, since the beginning of my preparations, I was balanced in terms of the various sections of the CAT exam.

Questions: How did you handle the negative review in CAT 2021?

year: The general strategy was to develop a good reading speed for the questions asked in the exam. I was just reading a question, got an idea of ​​what was being asked, and if only I could solve that, I’ll choose that question and leave the question that I wasn’t sure about.

Questions: What are your interests other than academics? Are there any relaxation activities?

year: Apart from academics, I like to read books in my spare time to relax my mind.

Questions: What is your plan for the GD / PI round now that you have passed the CAT written exam?

year: In general, I started preparing by becoming more aware of the things that surround me.

Questions: Did you receive a call from a specific B-School? Is there a favorite B school?

Answer: Still no, but I expect a call from IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Calcutta and IIM Bengaluru. I am aiming for IIM Ahmedabad as they are granting their candidates a respite. I have an upcoming internship at my university and I am looking forward to joining a company and gaining work experience before I take up a higher degree.

Questions: Who is the greatest motivator in your life?

year: For me, my father is the greatest motivation in my life.

Questions: What is the only advice you would give to future aspirants?

year: One piece of advice is to talk to seniors, get suggestions from them and implement personal experiences. Avoid following a typical plan and stick to your own strategy.

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