CBSE Class 12 Board Exam 2022 (Term 2)

Download Term 2 CBSE Class 12 Geography Syllabus 2022 and schedule your studies for Term 2 CBSE 12th Geography Board Exam 2022.

Term 2 CBSE Class 12 Geography Board Exam 2022 is available for download in PDF format. The link to download the Term 2 CBSE 12th Geography Syllabus 2022 is at the bottom of this article. Students preparing for the second Term 2 CBSE Class 12 Geography Board Exam 2022 are encouraged to download the curriculum and plan their studies accordingly.

NCERT books for grade 12 (PDF): All subjects – subject and chapter by chapter!

Term 2 CBSE Grade 12 Geography Curriculum 2022:


Part A: Fundamentals of Human Geography (15 Marks)

Unit III: Human activities (9 points)

– Secondary activities concept; Production: types – household, small series, large series; Agro- and mineral-based industries; People with secondary employment – some examples from selected countries.

– Tertiary activities concept; Trade, transport and tourism; Services; People working in the tertiary sector – some examples from selected countries

– Quaternary activities concept; People engaged in quaternary activities – case study from selected countries

Unit IV: Transport and Communication (6 points)

– Land transport – roads, railways; transcontinental railways

– water transport – inland waterways; important sea routes

– Air transport – Intercontinental flight routes

– Oil and gas pipelines

– Satellite communications and cyberspace – importance and use for geographical information; Use of GPS

Part B: India: People and Economy (15 Marks)

Unit III: Resources and Development (7 Marks)

– Mineral and energy resources – distribution of metals (iron ore, copper, bauxite, manganese); non-metallic (mica, salt) minerals; conventional (coal, oil, natural gas and hydropower) and non-conventional energy sources (solar, wind, biogas) and nature conservation

– Planning in India – Target group spatial planning (case study); Idea of ​​sustainable development (case study)

Unit IV: Transport and Communication (4 points)

– Roads and communication routes, railways, waterways and airways: oil and gas pipelines; Geographic information and communication networks

Unit V: Geographic perspective on selected topics and problems (4 points)

– Environmental pollution; Municipal waste disposal

– urbanization, rural-urban migration; Problems of the slums

– soil degradation

Map work to locate and label features based on the above units on India outline map. (5 points)

Part C: Practical work (15 points)

Unit 1: Data processing and thematic assignment

– Presentation of data – construction of diagrams: lines, bars, circles and flow charts; thematic maps; Construction of points; Choropleth and isopleth maps

– Data analysis and creation of charts, graphs and other visual diagrams with computers

Required books:

Fundamentals of Human Geography, Class XII, published by NCERT

India – People and Economy, Class XII, edited by NCERT

Practical work in geography, Class XII, edited by NCERT

Download Term 2 CBSE Grade 12 Geography Curriculum 2022 (PDF)


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