CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Prep Tips 2022

CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Preparation Tips 2022 –

Getting a 90+ on the 12th grade chemistry test is a challenging task for the students. Class 12 standard is a very crucial stage in the education of the students as it is the determining factor for their future studies. For science branch, chemistry is one of the most important subjects, so students should follow proper preparation tips for CBSE class 12 chemistry 2022. Here we have collected subject specific great prep tips for 12th grade CBSE 2022 Chemistry prepared by experts and toppers.

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A good study plan will help candidates cover the subject with ease. It will also help to do well on the 12th CBSE and other competitive exams like KVPY 2022. Read more about CBSE Chemistry 2022 Class 12 Preparation Tips in this article that will make your study time a little easier.

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CBSE Class 12 Chemistry 2022 Preparation Tips

We’ve collected some good CBSE Class 12 chemistry exam tips that will help candidates prepare for the exam.

CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Prep Tip 1 – Syllabus & Assessment Scheme

Among other things, the preparation tips for the CBSE Class 12 Chemistry 2022 Paper are important. Candidates must read and analyze the syllabus thoroughly once. The CBSE Class 12 Chemistry syllabus covers the basic concepts of chemistry. The syllabus helps to know the smaller details of the syllabus which eventually helps in the creation of the study plan.

Candidates must have a clear understanding of the topics included, from elementary to advanced level. Review the table below for the 2022 Class 12 Unit-by-Unit CBSE Syllabus for the Chemistry Paper along with the grades assigned.

CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Prep Tip 2 – Choose the right books

NCERT books are one of the best ways to prepare for exams of any grade. It would be better if the students work through the NCERT books first and then decide on the other reference books. We have listed some of the best chemistry class 12 reference books that will help you find the best one.

List of reference works


Names of reference works for CBSE Class 12 Chemistry



SC Kheterpal, SN Dhawan, PN Kapil

JD Lee


Modern’s ABC of Chemistry Class – 12 (Part 1 & 2)

SP Jauhar


Modern approach to chemical calculations

RC Mukherjee


SC Chemistry Class 12: Chemistry Class XII

OP Tandon, AK Virmani, AS Singh


Pradeep’s New Chemistry Course for Grade XII (Volume I and II)

SC Kheterpal, SN Dhawan, PN Kapil


CBSE Chapter by Chapter Answers – Chemistry (Grade 12): A collection of fully resolved questions asked from 2014 to 2008. exam ordered

Purnima Sharma

Themed CBSE 12. Chemistry 2022 Preparation Tips

A good command of the subject will help candidates achieve better grades. Practice and hard work is the key to success and one of the best tips for the CBSE class 12th Chemistry Board exam. This approach will also help you get better grades in other competitive exams. Thoroughly familiarizing yourself with each topic will help you create concepts easily. A topic-based approach helps make things easy to learn.

Students should also practice the previous year’s CBSE questionnaires to become familiar with a variety of questions. Below we have given the details of the important topics and weighting, they are the important preparation tips for the CBSE Class 12 Chemistry 2022 paper.

  • Surface chemistry carries three to four questions that are important for different selection processes.

  • Chemistry in everyday life, polymers and biomolecules are rated with 10 points.

  • Transition elements, S, P, D blocks and stereochemistry are also important surface chemistry, core chemistry, gaseous state and coordination compounds are some other important topics that help to get good grades.

  • Students can get many questions from the fields of adsorption isotherm, molar mass determination, Raoult’s law and packing fraction.

  • Chemical Thermodynamics, Mole Concept, Solid State & Atomic Structure should be prepared for the numerical tasks.

CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Prep Tip 3 – Create an Effective Study Plan

Time management is one of the most important parts, it needs to be done wisely. While preparing for grade 12 exams, students must also devote time to other competitive exams. Students should set a daily, weekly, and monthly target schedule. Remember to include all topics and devote equal time to each topic.

CBSE 12. Chemistry Preparation Tip 4 – Strengthen Concepts

We know that dealing with a multitude of issues is easy when the concepts are strong. Students need to work on their understanding. Don’t neglect the areas where a candidate is weak. It is recommended to set aside a separate time slot for concepts where they are weak. Another great CBSE Class 12 Chemistry 2022 preparation tip is group study.

CBSE Board 12. Chemistry Preparation Tip 5 – Review

Self-evaluation always helps to find the weak points, it would be better to plan extra time for that. The CBSE Class 12 practice sheets can help you assess your preparation for the exam. Students may also opt for previous year’s work, this should be done after all concepts and topics have been covered. Try to solve the questions within the time limit to save time for proofreading. All of this will aid in self-analysis, which will enhance your preparation.

CBSE Class 12 Chemistry 6 Prep Tip – Practice Numerical Problems

Numbers can be difficult, but daily practice can help you master them. It would be helpful if students try to solve at least five to seven questions a day. This will also help to clarify concepts and understand things better. Daily training builds on speed and accuracy with confidence during the actual test.

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CBSE Board 12. Chemistry Prep Tip 7- Take quick notes

Short notes always help to revise concepts quickly, students can look at these notes every now and then. This helps to remember things for a long time. it becomes easy to revise short notes instead of going through the bulky textbooks again.

CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Prep Tip 8- Schedule short breaks

Breaks are very important to keep students from getting bored and keep them motivated. Try to build in breaks and do some activities, communicate with family and friends, listen to music, eat snacks, etc. Things to do. It keeps you focused and refreshes your mind.

CBSE class 12 chemistry tips for exam day

  • The first thing to do is read the questionnaire carefully and completely.

  • Answer the questions on which you are absolutely certain the student will do better.

  • While providing prep tips for CBSE Class 12 Chemistry 2022, some experts say that students will need to answer organic chemistry questions towards the end as they are more complex compared to inorganic and physical chemistry.

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