CBSE Class 12 English Preparation Tips 2021

CBSE Class 12 English Preparation Tips 2021 –

English is one of the most important subjects for Class 12. Students taking the Class 12 Board Exams this year must read these CBSE English Preparation Tips for Class 12 2021 to do well in this subject. Students often ignore English, but if prepared strategically, it will turn out to be the best rated. CBSE Class 12 English Preparation Tips 2021 will give students the right approach to prepare for this subject. Class 12 2021 CBSE exams start on May 4th, 2021. So students need to start preparing soon.

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CBSE Class 12 English Preparation Tips 2021

One of the most frequently asked questions among students is how to get good grades in English in 12th grade. To answer this question, we provide the best 12th grade English prep tips. Implement the same in your study routine to achieve good results in 12th CBSE result 2021.

Preparation tip 1: Familiarize yourself with the syllabus

The first and most important CBSE Class 12 English Preparation Tips 2021 are related to the syllabus. This year the syllabus has been reduced, so it is important for students to know the part that has been cut. CBSE 12th English Syllabus 2021 will help students to know the important subjects and will mark the distribution of all subjects. Therefore, knowing the syllabus and preparing accordingly is definitely helpful. The extra tip is to go through the poems and chapters at least once before teaching them in class.

Preparation tip 2: Know the exam pattern

The students must have an idea of ​​the pattern of the exam. This will tell them the grades per section and help them plan the study plan accordingly. It is one of the top 2021 CBSE Class 12 English Preparation Tips. Tell us the 2021 English CBSE Exam Pattern in the table below.

CBSE English Exam Sample 2021


learning area



reading comprehension



writing skills



Literature & long reading text


Internal assessment


overall grades


Preparation tip 3: Treat yourself to at least one hour of English every day

Students often take English for granted and end up scoring lower. They must understand that this topic will help them increase their overall percentage without much hard work. It is strongly recommended that students commit to at least one hour of English per day. Use this one hour to read extensively. Remember that not only does it help cover the chapters, but it also improves reading skills. Not only that, it will also expand the student’s vocabulary and improve their writing skills. This is one of the most useful CBSE Class 12 English prep tips 2021.

Preparation tip 3: Solve task sheets from previous years

Students must solve the 2021 CBSE class 12 questionnaires of previous years to know the difficulty level of the questionnaires. Not only that, but by solving the previous years’ sample sheets, they will be able to know which section has the best grades. The students must therefore refer to the questionnaires from previous years and get an idea of ​​the questions.

CBSE class 12 English sample papers from previous years

Preparation tip 4: Choose the right books

The next useful CBSE Class 12 English Preparation Tip 2021 is that students need to use the right books to prepare for the exams. Students should refer to the Grade 12 NCERT English books while preparing for the exam. They are also advised to refer to the same books throughout the year. Studying from the same set of books in language works helps in better understanding. Share with us some of the best books that students must refer to while taking the CBSE English exam. .

  • flamingo

  • views

  • Language Skills book – Class XII English Elective published by CBSE, Delhi.

  • Literature Reader – Class XII English Elective, published by CBSE, Delhi.

  • CBSE Grade 12 English Grammar Reference Books

  • Wren and Martin High School Grammar.

  • A Practical Guide to English Grammar (Paperback) by KP Thakur.

  • Silas Marner Class-12 1st Edition (Paperback) by KS Paul

Preparation tip 5: Learn the subtle art of answering creatively!

When answering the questions in the literature section, the students must try to contribute to the answers. Answering the questions with the student’s perspective and ideas, but keeping the essence and context of the answer the same, will contribute to a very good grade. This comes with voracious reading and interest in the subject. Therefore, students are advised that alongside the course, they must read the novels and pieces of literature of their interest and improve their vocabulary and writing skills. This is one of the most useful CBSE Class 12 English prep tips 2021.

Preparation tip 6: Manage the time effectively

Students must note that the CBSE English paper is extremely long. Therefore, efficient time management is of paramount importance. They are advised to quickly go through the questionnaire in the 15 minutes allotted for reading. Students must read the “Reading” section of the assignment sheet for the first 10 minutes and have a good understanding of the passages and associated questions. In the remaining 5 minutes it is recommended to go through the questions of the literature part. This helps in efficiently managing time while you show up for exams. This is one of the top CBSE Class 12 English preparation tips 2021.

How do I get full marks in English grade 12?

With good preparation, you can achieve full points in English. Aside from the above preparation tips, students need to develop some habits if they want to get full marks in Grade 12 English. One of them is the habit of reading an English newspaper and writing at least one page on a topical issue. This allows students to improve their vocabulary and develop a strong command of grammar.


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