CBSE toppers prep tips to achieve 99+ on the 2022 board exams

CBSE Topper Preparation Tips To Score 99+ On Board Exams –

The board exam is one of the most important stages to success in a student’s life. It is also the first step to many upcoming milestones. Students are encouraged to follow the best CBSE topper tips and do their best to do very well. Board exams are the basis for future ventures.

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In this phase, knowledge and concepts should be given the highest priority. This given CBSE toppers preparation tips to achieve 99+ in board exams will help students to get acquainted with the study flow, time management and all the tricks, so read the full article.

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Preparation Tips for CBSE Toppers to Score 99+ on Board Exams

The success story of the toppers can be very helpful when preparing for the exams. Read the article to know the topper tips for studying.

Tip 1 – Consistency is key

Hansika Shukla, CBSE 12th Topper 2019, says how to get 99% score on the board exam that consistency is one of the key factors. Being consistent is important to get 99+ points. She added that students should be self-paced and regular. In addition to regularity, small breaks within the learning times are also necessary. “Follow the response pattern to score high,” Hansika added in an interview.

Tip 2 – Setting goals and doing nothing doesn’t help

Ankur Mishra, 10th CBSE topper 2019, gives his tip for a score of 99+. Planning is important, but achieving goals is more important. Enter the time allotted for this as planned, as there is no point in setting study hours and doing nothing productive at the same time. Review the CBSE Class 10 syllabus to plan the topics and chapters.

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Tip 3 – Try to get quality knowledge, the number will come

Siddhant Pengoria, CBSE 10th Topper 2019 says that acquiring knowledge is more important and acquiring quality knowledge should be the goal. As students prioritize knowledge, numbers will come along the way. He further said that students should add any study materials to prepare.

Tip 4: Study NCERT books thoroughly

Nandini Garg, 10th CBSE topper 2018 says NCERT 10 books should be preferred first. Don’t miss any topic of the book, it would be better if students practice sample work. She added that you should think before you go to work. Stress with difficult topics should not be planned. Presentation plays an important role in assessing grades, the key lies in the desired presentation on the answer sheet.

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Tip 5 – Balance your time and stay organized

Meghna Srivastava, CBSE 12th Topper 2018, said in her tips on how to score 99% on board exams that staying organized while studying is very important. In order to get better grades, it is important to study continuously throughout the year. If you consistently do all the other things in limit then it’s not that hard to score high, she added.

Tip 6 – Self study is your real buddy

Shivani Lath, CBSE 10th Topper 2019, said during an interview that self-study is the real mate. Self-study can lead one to the highest peak of success because it allows us to understand concepts in our own unique way, she said. Concentration plays an important role in exam preparation.

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Tip 7 – Learn from reference books

Apoorva Jain, 10th CBSE topper, says solving previous year’s papers along with the sample papers helped pave the way to reaching 99+. NCERT helps cover the entire theoretical part of the exam, but it is also important to refer to other books to solve a variety of problems. The best CBSE 10th Science reference books should be used to get a good idea and practice a variety of questions.

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Tip 8 – Understand the concepts, clarify them immediately

Ayushi Upadhyay, 12th CBSE topper of the 2019 class shares tips on getting 99% score on the board exam. Basic concepts should be clarified in order to achieve a high score. She added that students usually ignore their doubts, this can affect the score, so clearing them immediately helps remember the topic at hand forever. Studying, practicing, and clarifying the concepts throughout the year can really help you get out of the box grades.

Tip 9 – Sample answer keys published by CBSE should be consulted

Arpit Maheshwari, CBSE 12th Science Topper said that reference to model answer keys published on CBSE’s official website helps in knowing the way the answers are worded in the exam. Solving additional tasks from NCERT is enough to get grades. Students arrange flexible study times and daily study is also important. Complete the CBSE’s 12th questionnaires from the previous year to become familiar with the exam pattern and the types of questions asked.

Tip 10 – Stay determined for your studies

Ankit Bargotra says the first step to preparing is to remain determined. He added that nothing is impossible when you are determined to achieve something. He added that honest and hard work is the key to more than 99 points

These are some of the best tips given by the CBSE frontrunners on how to get 99% on board exams. We hope this article will help you somehow pass your exam with good grades.

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