CDAC C-CAT curriculum 2022 (available)

CDAC C-CAT curriculum The Center for Development of Advanced Computing (CDAC) publishes the CDAC C CAT 2022 curriculum. The exam is conducted for candidates seeking admission to various PG diploma courses. The syllabus for this exam has been officially published and can be viewed on Any candidate wishing to appear for CDAC C-CAT 2022 must have a thorough understanding of the curriculum as it will help in knowing what topics and subjects to cover during exam preparation. The CDAC C-CAT curriculum is based on topics such as English, Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning, Computer Basics, C Programming, Operating Systems, etc. Read more about the CDAC C-CAT curriculum 2022, recommended books, exam samples, etc. from this page.

CDAC C-CAT curriculum 2022

It is important to find out more about the exam schedule before you start preparing for the exam, as it defines the topics from which the questions are usually asked in the exam. It should be noted that the curriculum will vary depending on the category the candidate for CDAC C-CAT 2022 has chosen. Check out the detailed curriculum below.

Section a

  • English
  • Quantitative suitability
  • argumentation

Section b

  • Computer basics
  • C programming
  • Data structures
  • Object Oriented Programming Concepts
  • Operating systems

Section C.

  • Computer architecture
  • Digital electronics
  • Microprocessors

List of sections in which candidates must appear in CDAC C-CAT 2022 according to their course

Candidates appearing for the Category I PG Diploma in Geoinformatics course only need to appear for Section a.

Candidates from the following Category II course must appear for Section A and Section B both.

  • PG Diploma in Advanced Computing (PG-DAC)
  • PG Diploma in Big Data Analytics (PG-DBDA)
  • PG Diploma in IT Infrastructure, Systems & Security (PG-DITISS)
  • PG Diploma in Internet of Things (PG-DIoT)
  • PG Diploma in Artificial Intelligence (PG-DAI)
  • PG Diploma in Mobile Computing (PG-DMC)
  • PG Diploma in Advanced Secure Software Development (PG-DASSD)
  • PG Diploma in HPC System Administration (PG-HPCSA)

Candidates from courses in Category III must appear for Section A, Section B and Section C. Check out the course below.

  • PG Diploma in Embedded Systems Design (PG-DESD)
  • PG Diploma in VLSI Design (PG-DVLSI)
  • PG Diploma in Robotics and Related Technologies (PG-DRAT)

Overview of the CDAC C-CAT curriculum 2022

Check out the overview of the C-CAT exam from below.

case specification
Exam Name CDAC C-CAT
Course offer PG diploma
Application mode On-line
Different section of the curriculum Section A, Section B, and Section C
Time to solve each section 1 hour
Curriculum available at

Examination sample from CDAC C-CAT 2022

Exam pattern gives you a good idea about the question paper format. Learn more about the CDAC C-CAT Exam Pattern 2022 from below.

  • Each section (A, B & C) lasts one hour.
  • The C-CAT exam is held in English.
  • Each section contains 50 MCQ-based questions.
  • The total number of points for each section is 150 points.
  • 03 points are awarded for each correct answer and 1 point is deducted for each incorrect answer.

How do I prepare for CDAC C-CAT 2022?

Here are some tips to outperform the CDAC C-CAT 2022. Check below.

Know about the exam: It is the first and most important step in exam preparation. Knowing the aim and purpose of the exam will give you clarity about the exam format. Be thorough with your syllabus as the syllabus will help you structure and plan for exam preparation.

Build your foundations: Try to get the clarity of the concepts instead of just memorizing them. A well-understood concept will help you to deal with all questions comfortably. In addition to learning the theory, try to understand every aspect of the subject. Prepare brief notes on basic concepts and revise them before the exam.

Revise and test yourself in good time: Assessing yourself from time to time is an essential exercise in successful exam preparation. Keep giving more and more sample tests, practicing as many mocks as possible. Dissolving a bogus paper will help you analyze your mistakes and also show you where you are in competition. Regularly revise everything you learn. Don’t skip revising as it will help you keep what you have learned over the long term.

See standard study material: With so many books on the market, it is easy to be confused about which books to recommend for study. Choose a study material that incorporates a modern approach to understanding concepts and is learner-friendly. Reference a specific book and revise it multiple times instead of solving multiple books but not even revising them.

Prioritize your topics: Make a list of all the topics that you find difficult and start studying as they require the most attention and take the maximum preparation time. Studying difficult topics first will save you time on revising and finally easy topics.

Do not neglect your health: Sometimes studying can be boring and stressful. Find ways to relax regularly. Take good care of your health. Sleep at least 7-8 hours a day. Eat proper nutrition. A healthy mind always leads to better focus and maximum productivity.

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Best books for CDAC C-CAT 2022

Check the list of reference works given for various subjects in C-CAT on the official website.

Frequently asked questions about the CDAC C-CAT curriculum 2022

Question: Where can I see the CDAC C-CAT curriculum?

Answer: The curriculum is available on the official website i.e.

Question: Do I have to appear for all parts of the exam regardless of my degree program?

Answer: No, the curriculum is different for different courses. Candidates only need to take the sections designated for their degree program.

Question: Is there a negative grade on the exam?

And: Yes, 1 point is deducted for each wrong answer.

Question: How much time is allowed for each section?

Answer: 1 hour is given to solve each section.

Question: What books should I refer to when preparing for exams?

Answer: The reference books on various subjects are mentioned on the official website. Candidates can use these books in preparation.

Question: When should preparation start to complete the curriculum?

Answer: A dedicated preparation of six months is more than enough to crack the exam. The candidate should be determined and consistent in the preparation so that you can complete your curriculum on time.

Question: How do I complete the curriculum?

Answer: Solid planning is a must to complete the curriculum. Be thorough with the curriculum and create an appropriate timetable. Cover a small portion of the curriculum each day and eventually you will be able to complete the entire curriculum. Try to complete the curriculum at least a month before the exam.

Question: What will be the mode of the CDAC C-CAT exam?

Answer: CDAC C-CAT is held in computer mode.

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