Central Bank of India SO 2022 Curriculum & Exam Sample, Download PDF

Central Bank of India SO 2022 curriculum: The curriculum and exam scheme are an important aspect of any candidate preparing for the selection process as it helps them cover all of the important aspects and topics that may be examined in the exam.

The Central Bank Of India will conduct the CBI SO Online Test 2022 on January 22nd, 2021. This means that the candidates only have a few days to outshine their preparations. Candidates can review the CBI SO 2022 curriculum and exam template in this article below and make their preparation for the upcoming exam more efficient.

Central Bank of India SO Curriculum 2022

The Central Bank of India’s SO 2022 curriculum must be the primary key for all candidates preparing for the 2022 CBI SO exam, which is scheduled to take place on January 22, 2021. Getting to know the curriculum will help the aspirant cover all of the major topics and understand the pattern of the exam. In this article, we’re going to be looking at both the CBI SO syllabus and the 2022 exam sample, so keep reading.

Central Bank of India SO exam template 2022

Before starting the preparations and familiarizing yourself with the Central Bank of India SO curriculum, it is important that students review the detailed exam pattern in the table below.

Central Bank of India SO exam template 2022

object questions Brands length of time
Stream / Category Specific Questions (Security) 60 60 60 minutes
Computer knowledge 20th 20th
Banking, Current Economic Scenario & General Awareness 20th 20th
total 100 100

Candidates must also consider the following points regarding the Central Bank of India SO exam pattern:

  • 0.25 marks are deducted for each wrong answer
  • The questions will be of the MCQ type
  • Candidates can opt for the paper in two languages ​​- English and Hindi.

Central Bank of India SO Sectional Curriculum 2022

Now let’s take a look at the Central Bank of India SO Exam 2022 Sectional Curriculum.

Computer Knowledge Curriculum 2022

This section contains all subjects related to computers and technology, let’s look at the detailed syllabus of this section from the table below:

Computer Knowledge Curriculum 2022
History of the computer,
Computer basics questions
Hacking software names and uses (Microsoft Office) computer shortcuts
Computer hardware parts and controls,
Basic computer terminology Basic internet knowledge and protocols,
Number system,
Security tools,
Network Basics (LAN & WAN) Computer Abbreviation,
National income

Banking, Current Economic Scenario & General Awareness Curriculum 2022

The topics candidates must prepare for Banking, Present Economic Scenario & General Awareness are listed in the table below:

Banking, Current Economic Scenario & General Awareness Curriculum 2022
Role of banking,
The whole story of the nationalized bank,
Capital market in India,
National Income and Public Finances.
Types of banks,
Money market in India,
Fiscal and monetary policy,
RBI functions,

Syllabus for stream / category specific questions

There are some stream-specific questions to be asked in the Central Bank of India SO 2022 exam. Let’s look at the stream-specific topics from the table below:

Capital market in India
Primary market
Over-the-counter market
Futures market
Second market
Indian banking industry
Functions of banks
Role of banking
Types of banks
RBI and monetary policy
Main functions
Rating agencies
BASEL committees
International financial institutions
Doctors Without Borders
Types of money
anti Money Laundering
Information technology
Software development
Basic programming languages
Data structure
Object oriented programing
operating system
Computer organization & microprocessor
Data communication & networks
Money market in India
Money market concepts
Types of Tradable Instruments
Types of checks
public finances
Central government revenue
Concept of the budget
Financial and rail budget
Finance commissions
Taxes on income and expenses
Government plans and guidelines.
Income deficit
National income
Source of income
Types of goods
Some macroeconomic indicators
Loan officer
Basic accounting concepts
Capital structure
Balance sheet analysis
Cash flow statement
Cost sheet and working capital
Issue and redemption of bonds, etc.
Overview of cost accounting
Valuation of goodwill and stocks
Valuation of goodwill and shares
Budgeting and budget control
Network security management
Information security – laboratory
Secure electronic payment systems
Information security and risk management
Digital crime and forensics
IT security indicators

Central Bank of India SO 2022 Curriculum: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many sections is there in the 2022 CBI SO exam?

Answer: There will be 3 sections in Central Bank of India SO exam 2022.

Q. How long is the Central Bank of India SO exam 2022?

Year: Candidates are given 60 minutes for the Central Bank of India SO 2022 exam.

Q. Is there a negative score on the Central Bank of India SO 2022 exam?

year: Yes, 0.25 points for each wrong answer will be deducted from the candidates’ overall scores in the Central Bank of India SO Exam 2022.

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