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New Delhi (CISCE Board Exam 2022,, During the examination before a committee, each college conducts its own examinations (committee examinations 2022). The CBSE Board and the CISCE Board (CISCE Board Exam 2022) conduct exams in grades 10 and 12 in the second semester. Since 2020, the global coronavirus infection has had a profound impact on the world of education (Coronavirus In India). In view of the situation, the CISCE Board has again cut the curriculum for the ICSE exam (ICSE Board Exam 2022) and the ISC exam (ISC Board Exam 2022) (CISCE Board Exam Syllabus) this year.

Also in 2021, classes were not conducted properly due to coronavirus infection (Coronavirus In India). In such a situation, students and parents are very concerned about the Board Exams 2022 (Board Exams 2022). To solve this problem, the CISCE Board (CISCE Board Exam 2022) has shortened the 10th grade curriculum ie ICSE Board (ICSE Board Exam 2022) and 12th grade ie ISC Board (CISCE Board Exam 2022) curriculum. Keep visiting the official website for the latest updates on the CISCE Board Examination 2022 (CISCE Board Examination 2022).

New ISC Board curriculum
CISCE has published the new 2022 curriculum for ISC, i.e. grade 12 for sociology, psychology, economics, math, business administration, chemistry and all other subjects (ISC Board Syllabus 2022). According to the reduced curriculum, the ISC Maths Paper 2022 consists of two parts. Part 1 of this will be a theory-based work of 80 marks. At the same time, the second work will be a project work for 20 marks. Apart from that, Paper 1 consists of 3 sections, with section A being mandatory. It will be 65 marks. Students have the choice between sections B and C, which are assessed with 15 points.

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ICSE Board New curriculum
In ICSE grade 10, the curriculum for English, history and civics, geography, math, physics, and other subjects has also been reduced. CISCE has published the curriculum and exam template for each subject in PDF mode on the official website

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