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KUPWARA: The Deputy Commissioner, Kupwara, Imam Din today opened the mentoring session for interested students who appear here for the exams for competition and community service exams at the town hall.

The session should provide students with professional guidance and advice to build their confidence and knowledge base.

In his address, the Deputy Commissioner paid tribute to the organizers for holding such a valuable meeting. He said that the students of Kupwara district are endowed with natural talents, and there are many famous people who have made the district proud. He urged the organizers and other affected officers to show their utmost commitment to promote the talents of the district’s students.

The Deputy Commissioner also advised and exhorted civil service candidates to come forward and take the opportunity of a free consultation.

Before that, there was a brief introduction to the initiative and mentoring program by a team of experts.

Shakeel Maqbool, IAS Allied Services, 2014, DC North Enforcement State Taxes Department, gave a presentation on his path from NIT to UPSC, the importance of public service as a career, and the essence of participating in such exams, permissions, ranks, roles and responsibilities Official.

Likewise, Saqib Yousuf, UPSC Qualifier 2017, Chief Railways Kashmir Division, gave a talk on how he reached this milestone at such a young age.

Other speakers, including Srinagar, Tahir Wani State Taxes Officer, also shared their experiences.

Naveed Ajaz, CEO, Councilor, Kupwara; Shabir Khan, Director and Mentor Mission Academy, Karanagar, Srinagar also attended the event.

The syllabus for the preliminary examination (paper version) was also provided at the meeting.

The civil service candidates praised the organizers and the district administration for this great opportunity.

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