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* Study for Plus. He applied for the National Defense Academy exam. Can you provide the syllabus and details of the exam?

Deepti, Idukki

* The National Defense Academy and Naval Academy exam, administered by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC), consists of two papers of two and a half hours each. First exam mathematics (300 points), second exam general performance test (600 points). The questions in both papers will be objective in nature.

The mathematical work deals with questions on algebra, matrices and determinants, trigonometry, analytic geometry of two and three dimensions, differential calculus, integral calculus and differential equations as well as vector algebra on statistics. The general ability test consists of two parts. Part A is English. 200 marks. In this section, expect questions about grammar and usage, vocabulary, comprehension, and coherence in expanded text that assesses English proficiency. Part B is general knowledge. 400 marks. It consists of six sections: Physics (A25% weighting), Chemistry (B15%), General Science (C10%), History, Freedom Movement (D20%), Geography (E20%) and Current Affairs (F10%). Detailed syllabus UPSC Available in the notification on the website.

The use of calculators, mathematical tables and logarithm tables is not permitted. Applicants who qualify in the first tier two-tier examination as determined by the Commission shall appear before the Service Selection Committee for the second tier intelligence and personality test. At this stage, the candidate’s potential excellence and officer qualities are evaluated. Those who choose to join the Air Force must also have a computerized pilot selection system and a CPSS qualification. The second stage has 900 marks. Details of the second phase are also included in the communication.

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