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RMS CET 2022 exam sample – The RMS CET exam 2022 will be held shortly in the coming days. The exam has been postponed with immediate effect and the new dates will be announced shortly. But before that, the aspirants who are looking for the RMS CET 2022 exam schedule and exam pattern can check it on this page. Get the latest RMS CET 6th Class Exam Sample and 9th Class Syllabus here. Students who achieve the pass mark or above must proceed to the next level, the medical exam. For more details and news on the RMS CET 2022 exam syllabus and exam template, please refer to this article.

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RMS CET Entry Ticket 2022

RMS CET exam pattern 2022

RMS CET syllabus 2022

Mathematics – Square and Square Roots, Cube and Cube Roots, Rational Exponents and Radicals, Profit, Loss and Discount, Compound Interest, Algebraic Expressions, Polynomials, The Equation in One Variable, Parallel Lines, Quadrilaterals and Special Types of Quadrilaterals, Areas of Plane Figures and Triangles , Quadrilateral, Circle, Circumference, Areas & Volumes Cylinders, Cones, Spheres & Solids, Mean Statistics, Frequency Table.

English – Spotting Mistakes, Active and Passive, Reported Speech, Clauses, Prepositions, Tenses, Articles, Anonymous and Synonyms, Rearranging jumbled words into meaningful sentences, Adjective forms, adverb forms, comparative and superlative degrees, question tags and sentences surrounding the word.

Intelligence – Encoding, decoding, alphabet test, ranking system, odd one out, analogy, direction and distance test, consanguinity, clock and calendar, Venn diagram, number counting and number-based problems, number and letter series.

Science – The universe, soil, air, conversion of sentences, structure of atoms, metals and nonmetals, carbon, functional structure of the cell, microorganisms, refraction of light, electricity and magnetism, friction, sources of energy, common diseases, food production and management of basic practices.

Social studies – India and the modern world, India in the 18th century, the rise and growth of British rule in India, administrative structure, politics and effects of British rule, revolt against British rule, British politics and administration in India after 1857, changes in economic life , Region and Social Reform Movement, Cultural Awakening, Struggle for Swaraj, National Movement of 1923-1939, Achievements of Independence, Indian Constitution, Secularism, Parliament, Criminal Justice System, Law and Social Justice, Development Issues, Globalization, United Nations International Agencies, Human Rights, India and the United Nations, Foreign Policy of India. India and its Neighbors, Natural Disasters – Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Cyclones, Floods, Environmental Devastation Resources, Species and Developments, Natural Resources – Land, Soil, Water, Minerals, Energy, Plants and Wildlife, Agriculture, Manufacturing Industries, Human Resources

There are many students who take the RMS CET exam annually to get them into some of the top military schools in India. RMS CET is the entrance test where the student who qualifies for it is admitted to the school according to the list of merit. Students must prepare for the RMS CET 2022 exam to get good grades if they want to qualify for it. So to do that, they need to know what the exam pattern is, what topics are coming, latest syllabus updates, qualifying grades, etc. Below we give you the complete RMS CET 2022 exam pattern for 6th & 9th grade. Look at that.

RMS CET 6th class exam sample 2022

The qualifying grades in RMS CET for grade 6 are as follows:

  • English – 35%
  • Other subjects – 40%.
object markings number of questions
English 50 40
mathematics 50 40
general knowledge 50 50
intelligence test 50 50

RMS CET 9th class exam sample 2022

  • Work 1 – English, Hindi, Social Studies.
  • Paper 2 – Science & Mathematics.
  • In both tasks 1 and 2, 50% of the points must be achieved in order to qualify.
subjects markings number of questions
English 50 50
Hindi 20 20
social sciences 30 30
science 50 50
maths 50 50

RMS CET exam schedule 2022

Board name – Rashtriya Military School

Exam Date – Coming Soon

Exam Name – RMS CET 2022

Category – Exam Pattern/Syllabus

Official site –

Application start – November 8, 2021

Application deadline – December 8, 2021

Selection process – Written exam, medical examination, job interview, performance list

AISSEE Sainik School Question Paper 2022

RMS CET syllabus 2022

RMS CET 9. Syllabus for Paper-I

English curriculum – Grammatical structure, comprehension & passages, antonyms, synonyms, vocabulary, prepositions, composition, homonyms, frame questions, articles, one-word substitution, comprehension passages, affirmatives and interrogatives, fill in the blanks, spell check, error correction, grammar (verbs, adjectives, nouns, gender, structure, etc. )

Hindi – Linguistic applications and grammatical skills, unread comprehension questions, character idea, utterance (source/origin), proverb, term introduction, synonym, idiom, sentence transformation (simple/combined/mixed), word vivek (fine difference in word usage), correction of imprecise sentences, identification of verse distinctions (grammatical category)

social sciences : History, The First Farmers and Shepherds, When, Where and How, New Ideas, Culture and Science, New Kings and Kingdoms, Regional Cultures, Geography, Agriculture, Resources for Types of Natural People, Diversity, Politics and Science, Regional Cultures, The First Farmers and Shepherds, Social Justice and the Marginable, Unwrapping Gender, State Government, Justice, Environment in this Total, Natural and Human Environment, Air and Planet Earth in the Solar System, Globe, Geography as a Social Study and as a Science, Challenging the Caste System, Rural Life and Society, Political Development, Sultans of Delhi, Empire Building, Regional Culture.


Mathematics – Number system (LCM, HCF, place values, least and greatest numbers, rounding, number series and patterns, BODMAS, square, square roots, cube and cube roots, prime factorization, conversion of fractions to decimals or percentages and vice versa, etc.), Roman numerals and Rounding of Numbers, Comparison of Numbers, Largest and Smallest Number, Uniform Method, Ratio and Proportion, Time, Work, Distance and Displacement, Lowest Form and Equivalent, Profit and Loss Based Problems, Circle and Its Parts, Basic Geometric Concepts such as Point, Line , line, ray, etc., classification of angles, angles, triangles, circles, etc., property of sum of angles of triangles and quadrangles, area of ​​triangles, rectangles, squares, etc., volume of cubes and cuboids, area of ​​circles, triangles, quadrangles, and polygons , Conversion of units of area and volume, interior and exterior of given figures, place value and face value of numbers, temperature measurement in degrees Celsius and degrees Fahrenheit, sum of angles property of triangles and quadrilaterals, etc

Science – Reproduction, Food, Chemical Effects of Electricity, Electroplating, Solar System, Natural Phenomena, Energy, Light, Living/Non-Living, Materials, etc.

RMS CET 6th grade curriculum 2022

Mathematics – square and square roots, dice and dice roots, rational exponents and radicals, Benefit, loss and discount, Compound interest, algebraic expressions, polynomials, The equation in one variable, parallel lines, quadrilaterals and special types of quadrilaterals, Areas of plane figures and triangles, squares, Circle, circumference of circle, Area & Volume Cylinder, Cone, balls and bodies, statistics means frequency table.

English – recognize mistakes, active voice and passive voice, Indirect speech, clauses Prepositions, times, Article, anonymous & synonyms, Rearrange jumbled words into meaningful sentences, adjective forms, adverb forms, comparative and superlative degrees, Question tags and framing sentences containing the word.

Intelligence – encoding decoding, alphabet test, ranking system, Strange, Analogy, direction and distance test, blood relatives, clock & calendar, Venn Diagram, number counting and figure-based problems, Series of numbers and letters.

Science – The universe, Floor, Air, conversion of sentences, structure of atoms, metals and non-metals, Carbon, The cell structure of the function, microorganisms, refraction, electricity and magnetism, Friction, energy sources, common disease, Food production and management of basic practices.

social sciences – india and the modern world, India in the 18th century, The Rise and Growth of British Rule in India, administrative structure, Politics and Effects of British Rule, revolt against British rule, British Politics and Administration in India after 1857, changes in economic life, regional and social reform movement, culture awakening, fight for swaraj, national movement 1923-1939, achievements of independence, indian constitution, Secularism, Houses of Parliament, criminal justice system, law and social justice, development issues, Globalization, international organizations of the United Nations, human rights, India and the United Nations, foreign policy of India. India and its neighbors, natural disasters – earthquakes, volcanoes, Cyclone, floods, environmental destruction resources, types and developments, natural resources – land, Floor, Water, minerals, Energy, Plants and animals, Agriculture, manufacturing industries, Human resources

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