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Dreaming of joining the army, need to know CDS syllabus and exam pattern? CDS and NDA exams are the most well-known exams to join the army as an officer. If you want to apply for the CDS exam. Then you must be aware of the CDS syllabus and the exam pattern as well as other details. The application process for CDS I 2021 is ongoing. The online registration process for 371 job openings on was completed on January 11, 2022. UPSC’s official notification includes details such as CDS syllabus and exam pattern, eligibility and other details. Interested candidates must be aware of the exam patterns, among other details.
  1. Then the Union Public Service Commission conducts the Combined Defense Services Exam twice a year.
  2. The CDS I exam 2022 is scheduled for April 10, 2022 (Sunday).
  3. The CDS exam pattern consists of 3 papes, i.e. General Studies, English and Mathematics.
  4. Candidates applying to Officers Training Academy are not required to show up for math work.
  5. The CDS syllabus for each paper has been covered in this area.
  6. Today the UPSC CDS 2 result 2021 was published on the official website of UPSC.
The syllabus and the exam pattern must be known to all candidates for better and organized preparation. The detailed CDS syllabus and exam pattern are covered along with the marking scheme in this section. If you are preparing for competitive exams and are looking for expert guidance, you can check out our MATHS SPECIAL batch that will help you pass the CDS exam.


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CDS curriculum 2022

CDS written exam pattern and syllabus differ for IMA, OTA, IAF and INA. The written exam for OTA consists of English and general knowledge questions, while the written exam for IMA, IAF and INA consists of English, general knowledge and elementary math questions. The CDS curriculum for these academies is the same and is covered below.

CDS Syllabus – Section subjects
  • vocabulary
  • Synonyms and antonyms
  • idioms and phrases
  • Sentence conversion
  • understanding
  • Recognize mistakes
  • vocabulary
  • Active and passive voice
  • parts of the speech
  • Direct and indirect narrative
general knowledge This section asks questions on various topics and one also needs to keep up to date with current affairs. The subjects or topics from which questions will be asked are as follows:

  • story
  • geography
  • business
  • Indian polis
  • physics
  • chemistry
  • biology
  • defense
  • environment
  • Current affairs
Elementary Mathematics

Candidates who have opted for OTA in their application form do not have to show up for this work. This section contained questions on various topics such as:

  • Algebra – Includes questions from subtopics such as Basic Operations, LCM, HCF, Linear Equations, Set Theory, Polynomials, Quadratic Equations.
  • Trigonometry-Trigonometric Identities, Height and Distance, Trignonometric Tables.
  • Geometry lines and planes, parallel lines, triangle, circle, parallelogram.
  • Measuring areas of a square, rectangle, parallelogram, circle, triangle, cuboid, lateral surface and volume of a cone, a sphere, etc.
  • Statistics histograms, bar chart, pie chart, measures of central trend and collection and tabulation of statistical data.

UPSC NDA Curriculum 2022: Download the Free Curriculum in PDF Here!

CDS exam template

Now that you know the CDS syllabus exam pattern, the next important thing to pay attention to is. The exam pattern for the CDS exam according to the official notification is as follows:

  1. The exam consists of three parts.
  2. General Studies and English Papers are compulsory for all.
  3. The candidates applying to the Officers Training Academy and female candidates are not required to appear for Maths Paper.
  4. Each work has a duration of 2 hours.
  5. The exam consists of objective questions.

The detailed CDS check pattern is as follows:

paper number of questions
General studies 100
English 100
maths 100

Read the landmark NDA notification for women here.

CDS test template: evaluation scheme

The official notification provides details of the scoring scheme that conforms to the CDS exam pattern, i.e.:

  1. The maximum number of points on each work is 100.
  2. The maximum score for IMA candidates on the written exam is 300.
  3. The maximum score for OTA candidates on the written exam is 300.
  4. Each question in the exam is worth 1 point.
  5. There is a negative grade in the exam. For each wrong answer, 1/3 of the points will be deducted.

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CDS exam pattern: SSB interview

The SSB interview is an integral part of the CDS exam model. The interview is conducted by the Service Selection Boards of various forces. SBB’s grades in are 300 for IMA entry and 200 for OTA entry. The final list of merit will be established based on the grades of the written round and the SSB interview. You also need to know what they are OLQ for SSB interview.

To learn more about CDS, read here:


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