Education Kolkata schools are considering options if teachers become infected with Covid

Teachers from several city schools have contracted Covid, incapacitating them, and their absence is affecting schools’ timetables.

Merging sections, breaking up and moving classes, and asking substitute teachers to fill in for absenteeism – schools are making arrangements to continue online classes.

Several facilities have between 10 and 20 teachers on leave, and school principals said they would struggle with classes shortly after reopening after the winter break this week.

At least one school has informed the parents about the situation and asked them to help.

Concern in the upper grades was the completion of the curriculum and the workload of the other teachers had increased, said at least one school principal.

“We are asking teachers from other sections to take courses as the curriculum must be completed before the exams,” said Meena Kak, director of the Lakshmipat Singhania Academy.

At the Loreto Convent Entally, work for a class of older students had to be stopped offline because the teacher was unable to take over the lessons.

“It’s worrying because the number of cases is increasing. For junior classes, we combine sections and while one teacher is taking the class, another teacher takes the attendance and maintains the discipline, ”said Jessica Gomes Surana, Director of Loreto Convent Entally.

At South Point, 18 high school teachers and about 12 middle school teachers are affected and the school is having problems with teaching.

“It was pretty tough and the teachers kind of juggle. We hope the teachers who had this week off come back next week, ”said Dalbir Kaur Chadda, director of South Point School.

On Saturday, the Industal World School sent a note to the parents in the school app: “In view of the current situation in which the majority of our teachers are suffering from a Covid infection, we are trying to continue online lessons as best we can. However, in some cases we have no choice but to postpone lessons or combine sections. We look forward to your support and understanding in dealing with these difficult times. “

Around 18 teachers at the school are currently suffering from Covid.

Headmasters at all schools said absenteeism was high even among students with many infected children.

Anjana Saha, director of the Mahadevi Birla World Academy, said online courses still make things work.

“There is an option to reschedule classes in an online class and the teachers do it,” said Saha.

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