Errors to Avoid in the KPSC KAS Exam Preparation Guide 2022

The Karnataka Public Service Commission (KPSC) conducts the Karnataka Administrative Service (KAS) recruitment process every year. The official notice will be published to KPSC on its official website take an exam. Candidates should apply for the exam before the final date. Candidates can fill out the application form on the official website. Candidates must upload correct personal information and digital copies of the required documents. After paying the application fee, you can submit an application form.

KPSC KAS exam in 2022 It is a national examination. Examination at three phases:

1. Preliminary review.

2. Performance test.

3. Interview

KPSC prep guide KAS exam 2022:

Thousands of aspirants take these competitive exams and only a few pass the exam. Whenever you perform a task, the preparation method is always important. Sometimes small mistakes can lead to big setbacks in career development. Candidates should prepare well before the announcement is posted in order to fully prepare for the recruitment process.

Before the committee issues the exam notice, let’s focus on the KPSC mistakes candidates should avoid Which test 2022.

1. Ignorance of the curriculum:

Candidates should undertake a thorough analysis of the curriculum announced by the committee in their notice. Failure to comply with the regulations can lead to problems during the exam. Zero or incomplete knowledge of a topic during the exam leads to failure, resulting in loss of opportunity, time and cost.

2. Unprepared study plan:

Candidates need to develop a curriculum KAS exam Optimize time usage based on estimated test data. The curriculum enables candidates to stay on track and monitor their progress according to the curriculum. Deviations or delays in completing the curriculum are identified earlier. Therefore, the curriculum is of great relevance in exam preparation.

3. Ignore status-related information:

Candidates tend to ignore country-specific information that is usually a focus of country-specific exams. You should pay more attention to country-related historical, geographical, political, economic and environmental developments in order to obtain excellent results on the exam. The curriculum always conveys the direction of knowledge accumulation. The reduced importance of considering the curriculum will also result in candidates stepping down in this regard.

4. Regardless of the importance of qualified essays:

Candidates must achieve a score of at least 35% to qualify for each Kannada and English essay. The necessary effort must be made to verify these papers. If you fail to achieve the passed number of points, you will be disqualified from the exam and excluded from the main exam.

5. In-depth knowledge of important topics:

The most weighted questions in the exam should be referenced multiple times. Every aspect of such topics should be touched upon so that candidates can confidently answer almost all kinds of questions on such topics. Candidates should refer to the notes of various authors on these subjects and subjects for a more valuable understanding of the subject.

6. Ignore the meaning of changes:

Understanding the topic and preparing handwritten notes will help you effectively change important topics several times. It is very important to frequently adapt the Notes on Important Topics to these topics. If you don’t change these topics, they will KPSC exam.

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7. Do not take mock exams:

When preparing for the test, candidates often forget or fail to show up for the mock test. Continuous prep and zero analysis and prep tests can never prepare students for exams unless they appear on mock exams. The mock test provides an early analysis of exam preparation, which needs to be improved in various areas and which incorporate these improvements into the curriculum. Hence, ignoring the relevance of exam tests can be a big mistake for candidates. Exam anxiety can also be combated as far as possible with sham exams so that students can face the exams calmly and confidently.

8. Before the exam, refer to the new book:

Mentioning new study materials a few days before the exam can make students feel uncomfortable. It is therefore always recommended to refer to the pointers studied during the preparation process. Also, try to avoid quoting too many comments on a single topic. This can be stressful during the exam. Students can prepare their notes after referring to various materials that capture the key points of the subject and then refer to them during the review and exams.

Tips to prepare for KPSC KAS exam 2022:

1. Develop a study plan and schedule so that you can devote a fixed amount of time each day to studying.

2. Be honest with your efforts and focus on effective and strategic learning skills (not just keep a book in your dreams, make learning more interesting by actually connecting them).

3. Don’t waste time on topics that you are comfortable with. Go through these topics quickly and skip important topics. This technique allows you to confidently cover the entire curriculum.

4. Carrying out simulation tests and filling in the test documents from previous years. This will give you the concept of test paper mode.

5. Manage our time effectively and keep up to date with current events.


Candidates must carefully follow policies, procedures, and curricula in order to participate in the recruitment process. If you have any further questions or need clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Frequently asked Questions:

How many levels does the KAS exam include?

The recruitment process for administrative services in Karnataka consists of three phases – preparation, main occupation and interview.

Are there negative grades in the KAS Prelims exam?

Yes, any wrong answer to the question will be given a negative 0.25. Therefore, candidates in objective essays should choose options wisely.

How many papers do I need for the KPSC exam (Mains)?

The candidate must appear in seven essays. Of these, 2 are qualified jobs and 5 are general jobs.

Which departments are assigned to the selected candidates after passing all levels?

The candidates are assigned to the departments based on their preferences, which were specified in the application form.

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