ESIC Syllabus 2022 UDC, MTS, Steno exam template PDF

State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) of Employees is conducting a preliminary three-step selection process, network and skill test to recruit suitable candidates for the position of senior department secretary. Graded by the candidates for the ESIC UDC Phase II examination (Mains) The candidate must prepare according to the examination scheme and the ESIC Syllabus 2022 UDC as stated in the announcement. To begin preparing for the ESIC UDC 2022 exam, see the full article, The ESIC UDC, MTS, Steno Curriculum for All Phases.

ESIC curriculum 2022

The selection for ESIC 2022 recruitment for 1735 the divisional offers of the upper division merchants takes place over three preliminary stages, the power grid and the professional examination.

ESIC curriculum and exam template 2022
Hiring agency State Employee Insurance Company (ESIC)
category curriculum
Exam level National
Exam mode On-line
Evaluation scheme Preliminary round – 2 points for everyone
Mains & Skill Test – 1 point for everyone
Negative mark 0.25 marks or ¼ of a mark
Selection process Preliminary Round – Mains – Skill Test
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ESIC exam template

The ESIC UDC, MTS, and Steno exam templates for Phases I, II, and III have been discussed in detail in this section. Candidates must prepare according to the template posted in the ESIC notification mentioned below in this post.

Phase 1 preliminary examination

This phase is only qualifying and the grades will not be considered for the final selection. There will be 4 sections: Intelligence and General Thinking, General Awareness, Quantitative Aptitude, and English Comprehension. 100 questions of the type goal with 2 points each for the correct answer are given. For each wrong answer a quarter point is given a negative rating. The test duration is 60 minutes (1 hour).

S. No. Name of the test Number of questions max.brands length of time
1 General intelligence and reasoning 25th 50 1 hour
(60 minutes)
2 General awareness 25th 50
3 Quantitative suitability 25th 50
4th English understanding 25th 50
total 100 200

Phase 2 main exam

The grades of this phase and the grades will be taken into account in the final selection. There are 4 sections, General Intelligence and Reasoning, General Awareness, Quantitative Aptitude, and English Comprehension. 200 objective questions are asked, each with 1 point for the correct answer. For each wrong answer a fourth point is given a negative rating. The test duration is 120 minutes (2 hours).

S. No. Name of the test Number of questions. Max brands length of time
1 General intelligence and reasoning 50 50 2 hours
2 General awareness 50 50
3 Quantitative suitability 50 50
4th English understanding 50 50
total 200 200

Exam phase 3

In this phase no negative grade is awarded and the grades of the candidates are not included in the final list of achievements.

S.No. Description of the test Brands Overall grades length of time
1 Preparation of 02 PowerPoint slides 10 50 marks 30 minutes
2 Text entry in MS Word with formatting 20th
3 Table creation in MS Excel with the help of formulas 20th

ESIC curriculum 2022

Candidates Should Understand the ESIC 2022 Exam Pattern Now let’s take a look at the various topics covered in the ESIC Syllabus 2022 MTS Main Exam. The ESIC curriculum for the subject is listed below.

Thinking ability

The first section of the ESIC curriculum, for both major and preliminary courses, is reasoning. Thinking skills are divided into verbal and non-verbal reasoning.

Verbal reasoning

The topics covered under Verbal Argumentation in the ESIC MTS Syllabus are as follows:

  1. analogy
  2. Series completion
  3. Verification of the veracity of the statement
  4. Situation reaction test
  5. Directional sense test
  6. classification
  7. Data availability
  8. Alphanumeric sequence puzzle
  9. Puzzle test
  10. Blood relatives
  11. Encoding-decoding
  12. Claim and reasoning
  13. Arithmetic reasoning
  14. Operations of mathematics
  15. Friend charts
  16. Phrase
  17. Missing characters
  18. Sequential output training
  19. Directions
  20. Test for alphabets
  21. Aptitude test

Nonverbal reasoning

The topics covered in the Nonverbal Thinking section of the ESIC MTS curriculum are as follows:

  1. Point situation
  2. Identical groupings of figures
  3. Shape and analyze figures
  4. Construction of squares and triangles
  5. series
  6. Analytical thinking
  7. Fold paper
  8. cut paper
  9. Dice and dice
  10. Water pictures
  11. Mirror images
  12. Mapping matrix
  13. Completion of incomplete sample
  14. Recognize embedded figures
  15. classification
  16. Rule recognition

General awareness

Then comes the General Awareness section of the ESIC MTS Syllabus 2022.

  1. Finance commissions
  2. Taxes on income and expenses
  3. Financial and rail budget
  4. Central government revenue
  5. Economic planning
  6. inflation
  7. National income
  8. public finances
  9. bills
  10. Concept of the budget
  11. Government implemented programs and policies
  12. History of the Indian banking industry
  13. Functions of banks
  14. Types of banks
  15. RBI and its monetary policy
  16. Capital market in India
  17. Money market in India
  18. Role of banking.


The English section of the ESIC curriculum has been added to check whether or not the candidate has a basic level of English. Because it is a universally accepted language.

  1. Spelling / Misspelled Word Detection
  2. Common mistake
  3. Active / passive voice of verbs
  4. Understanding passage
  5. Fill in the blank
  6. fill the gaps
  7. Mixing parts of sentences
  8. Conversions
  9. Sentence conversion
  10. grammar
  11. Mixing sentences in one passage
  12. Improvement of sentences
  13. Synonyms / homonyms
  14. antonyms
  15. vocabulary
  16. Idioms and idioms

General intelligence

The General Intelligence section of the ESIC 2022 UDC Curriculum is designed to review the candidate’s intelligence level and presence of mind.

  1. Number ranking
  2. Figurative classification
  3. classification
  4. Blood relatives
  5. Arrangements
  6. Arithmetic reasoning
  7. Math operations
  8. Friends Charts
  9. Series of numbers
  10. Figurative pattern
  11. Dice and dice
  12. Analogies
  13. Nonverbal series
  14. Encoding-decoding
  15. Logical friends diagrams
  16. Directions
  17. Number, Priority & Time Order

Quantitative suitability

Whether it is ESIC MTS or any other recruitment exam, a candidate must be good at basic math skills, which are typically taught through 10th grade. The following are the topics out of which the ESIC 2022 Syllabus for Quantitative Eligibility will be covered.

  1. Simple equations
  2. Quadratic equations
  3. Indices and Surds
  4. Measurement
  5. Percentages
  6. Areas
  7. Time and distance
  8. Problems on trains
  9. outsider
  10. Numbers and Age
  11. Pipes and cisterns
  12. Time and work partnership
  13. Ratio and proportion
  14. Simple interest
  15. probability
  16. Averages
  17. Problems with LCM and HCF
  18. Problems with numbers
  19. compound interest
  20. Volume profit and loss
  21. Races and games
  22. Mixtures and accusations
  23. Boats and streams
  24. Permutations and combinations
  25. Simplification and approximation

ESIC qualification marks

The candidates must prove the minimum qualifications required by ESIC for the preliminary and main examinations. Applicants with a grade lower than this minimum qualification will not be considered for the next stage of the selection process.

Phases Categories
Phase-I & II (Prelims & Mains) 45% 40% 35% 30%

Here we’ve also covered everything about the ESIC 2022 curriculum for UDC, MTS, shorthand and other recruitment exams, and PDF links for exam samples are also available below. Please visit the ESIC official website for more information.

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