ESIC UDC Prep Skills 2022

Are you preparing for the ESIC UDC 2022 exam? The exam can be taken anytime in 2022 and you need to know how to do best. So use this time wisely and make the most of it. To help you earn more points, we put it at your disposal here Top 5 assessment topics and ESIC UDC preparation tips Provide smart strategies for your preparations. Also, please keep in mind that what you have been doing in the past few days will have a huge impact on your test results

Understand the ESIC UDC 2022 exam model

ESIC UDC Prelims exam mode

Note: The total duration of the exam is 60 minutes

ESIC UDC main exam mode

You have an advantage here, because everything you prepare in Prelims also appears in Mains. The only difference is that the number and duration of the questions are doubled, as is the level of difficulty. You need to practice hard and master every major topic. Check the details:

Note: The total duration of the exam is 120 minutes

The third stage – computer skills test

Mr. No. Test guide fraction
1 Prepare the 02 Power Points slide show 10
2 Write in MS Word in the format 20th
3 Use formulas to prepare tables in MS Excel 20th

Note: Phase 3 comprises a total of 50 points.

Take the free ESIC UDC simulation test to verify your readiness

Top marks for the ESIC UDC exam 20twenty-two

Based on the exam analysis of the previous year, we have put together 5 important topics that are more important than other topics. Click on the topic to take Expert test level 1, 2 and 3. level represents the different levels of difficulty of the test, from 1 to 3:

Quantitative ability

  1. Data interpretation
  2. Simplify | Approximate
  3. order
  4. Quadratic equation
  5. Quantitative comparison

General intelligence and reasoning

  1. Analytical thinking
  2. encrypt decrypt
  3. syllogism
  4. Jigsaw | Seats
  5. inequality

English understanding

  1. Reading comprehension
  2. use properly
  3. Error detection
  4. parabola
  5. Fill in the blank

General awareness

Monthly updates – download PDF
Download Static Awareness PDF
Insurance Awareness – Download PDF

Take the free ESIC UDC simulation test to verify your readiness

ESIC UDC preparation skills

How to take the ESIC UDC 2022 exam?

  • Try your strongest topic first:This will increase your confidence in the remaining tests. Try more challenging topics in the middle, as this is where the attention tends to peak.
  • Don’t guess blindly: The number of questions you will have to try cannot be determined in advance as it depends on the level of difficulty Make sure you have a balance between accuracy and speed. Remember there is 1/4Day Negative grade for each wrong answer. So avoid guessing as much as possible. In this test, accuracy is just as important as speed. Before doing the math and guessing, try to eliminate 2-3 options with the elimination method to avoid blind guessing.
  • Read the question correctly: Understand what’s in the question. Do not you want You can quickly skip this question just by looking at it. If you read it correctly you may be able to do it. So read it carefully before skipping it because sometimes problems that seem difficult are actually easy to solve, especially puzzle.
  • Don’t stay with one problem wasting your time. If you still have time, you can always come back to it.

Take the free ESIC UDC simulation test to verify your readiness

Last minute ESIC UDC Preparation skills

What you need to consider before the exam:

  1. Avoid new topics

Do not start any new topics now. Any new things you want to learn now may not be saved properly. Try to modify and control what you have learned so far. Don’t worry, you’ve done enough, no matter what happens now, everything will be fine!

  1. Practice test

to take ESIC UDC free simulation test the last time To measure your progress. Olive board Simulated test Will give you Immediate feedback In the form of an analysis, this will help you determine the speed and accuracy of problem solving and Identify your strengths and weaknesses.

  1. Revision

Do not take it lightly and keep it until the last night. Change all the concepts, formulas, links, and techniques so as not to forget them. Highlight the most important points.

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  1. time management

Time is of the essence and it’s easy to get lost writing exams. This is where your exercise shows the results. Manage it properly.

  1. Speed ​​and accuracy

Speed ​​and accuracy are aspects that can exceed your performance. This is where your exercise shows the results. Try to try the maximum number of questions with 100% accuracy because you can’t even lose a quarter of your score on such a test.

Take the free ESIC UDC simulation test to verify your readiness

  1. Make a separate note

Write formulas, abbreviations, techniques, etc. on separate paper so you can pass the exam quickly.

  1. Avoid stress and anxiety

Keeping calm and serenity is important. Don’t be too excited or too worried. Light exercises or meditation will help you with this.

  1. Stay away from negative thoughts

Try to stay away from negative thoughts or people who make you unmotivated. Believe that you did your best and that your efforts will bear fruit.

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  1. Eat well and drink well

Eat a balanced diet. Avoid fatty and sugary snacks. Keep adequate moisture.

  1. Relax and rest:

Don’t let fear ruin your preparation. Be careful not to deprive yourself of sleep. Proper sleep can improve your concentration and help you remember things easily. Keep reminding yourself that there is nothing that you cannot do.

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Exam checklist

Please put your telephone notification, current passport photo, photo ID (original + copy), ballpoint pen (all items mentioned in the telephone notification with you on the day of the test) in your pocket before the test so that you may not forget them anytime soon. It is better to arrive at the test center early rather than late. So start early to avoid traffic jams.

  • Call letter
  • Photo (if specified)
  • Identity card
  • pen
  • Arrive early in the center

Take the free mock exam for the ESIC UDC exam

That’s all we have on this blog. Hope on these important topics, exam strategies and last minute ESIC UDC preparation skills To help you on the day of the exam. notice’Success belongs to people who work hard‘. So use the last few days to realize your dream of passing the exam.

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All the best!?

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