Essential time management tools to help you plan your 2022 boards

01/04/2022 1:21 PM IS

New Delhi [India], January 4th (ANI / Oswaal Books): ICSE Semester 2 Board Exams 2022 will be held in March or April 2022. The exams will most likely be conducted in a subjective format.
With immediate effect from ISCE semester 2 2022, the exact examination dates are not yet known. But they are expected to appear in February. Students should keep in touch with the official website to keep up to date with exam dates.
If the pandemic situation remains normal, offline exams are preferred. In unfavorable situations, however, CISCE can opt for the MCQ-based online exam depending on suitability.
CISCE has already reduced the curriculum of various subjects for the 10th grade exams. Students can follow the official website to check the updated curriculum to begin preparation.
If the exams for the ICSE semester 2 are carried out in a subjective format, the students have to practice a lot. With the semester 1 exam in MCQ format, students forgot the practice of writing replies.
Answering responses accurately and in a timely manner will help students assert themselves on their boardroom exams.
Time management is the biggest challenge students can face during the ICSE semester 2 exams 2022.
Below is a list of strategic and effective time management tools to help students prepare well for the 2022 board exams.
1. Make an achievable learning routine
The students should design a course of study in such a way that the time is used optimally.
When designing the course of study, students should ensure that they allow enough time for breaks and extracurricular activities. In addition, students should also analyze the most productive time of the day.
This time will be different for everyone. Some students can study well during the day while others find it appropriate to study at night.
2. Use intelligent learning techniques
Students can only make the most of their time if they use smart learning techniques.
These techniques not only help students focus properly. But it will also help them with great memory skills. Students can try pomodoro technique, spatial learning, or on-demand learning. Students can also take advantage of Oswaal ICSE Question Bank for Semester-2 Board Exams 2022, which gives students several benefits:
* Exclusively according to the syllabus for the 2nd semester for the exams of the Board 2022 (March-April)
* Includes questions of objective and subjective type questions
* Chapter by chapter and thematic revision notes for in-depth studies
* Modified and strengthened mind maps and mnemonics for quick learning
* Unit-related self-assessment tests
* Exam questions from previous years and assessment scheme answers with detailed explanations on exam-oriented preparation.
* Examiners’ comments and responses to assist with exam preparation.
* Contains difficult topics and suggestions for students.

Here is the recommended link for ICSE Question Bank Class 10 for Semester 2 Board Exams 2022, click here
3. Focus on the typing speed
If the students take the exams of the 2nd semester, they have to take the entire exam on time.
In addition to accuracy, writing speed is also a must for the students. To achieve this, students should conduct timed test tests.
This will help students manage their typing speed as well as timing.
Everything you need to know about ICSE Board Exam 2022. Read the article now!
4. Use the reading time for the questionnaire
In the examination room, students have an extra 15 minutes to read the questionnaire before writing on the answer sheet.
Students shouldn’t use this time just to read questions. But you should also be clear about the questions you are going to try in the first place.
This saves a lot of time during the exam.
Final thoughts
ICSE semester 2 exams 2022 dates will be confirmed by February 2022.
But instead of waiting for the schedule, students should start preparing at the earliest.
Students can use time management tools to not only save time but also pass the exam.
For more updates, students should keep checking the official website and staying tuned!
This story is provided by Oswaal Books. ANI assumes no responsibility for the content of this article. (ANI / Oswaal books)


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