Expensive for Modi’s security, preparing for presidency in Punjab? President rules Punjab – Marathi News | Expensive for Modi’s security, preparing for presidency in Punjab? Presidential rule in Punjab

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PM Security Breach: Amarinder Singh Calls for President’s Rule in Punjab While PM Modi went to a meeting, farmers blocked his convoy and Modi was stuck for 15-20 minutes. The special thing about it: Modi’s convoy got stuck on an overpass. The place where the Prime Minister had to stop is a sensitive area. Pakistan is only 30 km away from this place. Tiffin bombs and other explosives are also commonly found in these areas. For this reason, this type of center has received serious attention. The movement for presidential rule in Punjab is known to have started for security reasons, now it has many aspects. The biggest point of view is the Punjab election and the discontent with the agricultural laws. In the next few minutes we will talk about what happens to the elections if there is a presidency in Punjab, whether there is resentment against Modi because of the agriculture law, what reasons Modi has to cite for the presidency. First, let’s see what the central government has to do if it is to enforce presidency in Punjab …


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