Factors Affecting Jean Piaget’s Cognitive Development

Factors Affecting Jean Piaget’s Cognitive Development

As is well known, Jean Piaget worked in many areas. He is known for his Swiss Psychologist, Biologist, Radiacl Constructivist, Jean Episteomology, Father of Child Psychology etc. Jean Piaget said that children can create their own knowledge, so he called children little scientists or little scientists. He said development is a continuous process and the child develops according to the child’s developmental stages.

Factors influencing Jean Piaget’s theory of cognitive development

1.Biological maturation

2. Interaction with the physical world

3. Interaction with the social world

4. Balance between everyone

1. Biological Maturation According to this, you cannot teach the child anything until it is biologically developed. The curriculum for teaching the child should be appropriate to their age. He will only learn when he has the age to learn and it is necessary to be “willing to learn”. That is, until the child is ready to learn, you cannot teach them anything. Hence, it is important to be interested in curricula, textbooks, and everything. Only then does the child learn.

2. Interaction with the physical world

The child tries to understand the things around them by seeing, touching, opening and breaking them, and gradually they build their knowledge through their activity or experience.

In environmental education, this is called a practical activity (learning through activity or experiment). Whereas we usually blame the child for breaking things and preventing them from exploring their physical world.

3. Interaction with the social world

Jean Piaget attached less importance to it, while Vygotsky attached more importance to it. Hence we shall discuss it at length in Vygotsky’s theory.

4. Balance between all –

It is the most important factor in Jean Piaget’s theory that a child comes to an end from conflict. That is, he builds up his knowledge, for which he has to go through a long process. Including adjustment, organization, adjustment, assimilation, equilibrium, imbalance, etc. which we will discuss in detail in the next article.

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