GATE 2022 Preparation Tips: GATE 2022 Exam: If you want to crack the GATE exam on your first try, please follow these Tips – Tips and Tricks to Prepare for Gate 2022 Exam in Hindi


  • The admission card for the GATE exam will be published shortly.
  • Exam date nearby.
  • Focus on the revision by planning the schedule.

The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is conducted every year to gain admission to engineering. It is a national entrance exam for engineers. By cracking which students are eligible to appear in M.Tech Admission or PSU Recruitments. From February 5-13, the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur will conduct the GATE 2022 exam. Since the level of competition in this exam is quite high, candidates need to know how to prepare for GATE 2022. If this is your first time taking this exam, you should prepare well. Here are some of these tips that will help you crack this exam yourself the first time.

Postpone the schedule

Now there is less than a month left for this exam, so reschedule your schedule. First, keep those topics in your timetable that are simple and important. You can start with math and a basic technical subject. As you read the topic, take notes about the revision at the same time. In it, write the main definition, formula, etc. After you have read all the topics, solve the GATE papers from previous years accordingly.

Give all subjects the same time

When preparing for this exam, do not focus too much on a single topic. Prepare for the exam by dividing your time evenly across all subjects. It is better if you prepare all subjects systematically. Set a time limit for this and try to finish all of your classes before that time.

Focus on revision notices

Now is the time that you need to take revision notes as you read the curriculum. These pointers will help you most as you prepare for the final week’s exam. Read these revision notes twice a week, this will help you remember the concepts of your prepared topic. In the last week, as you work through these notes, the concepts will become clear. Also, the revision will take less time and the preparation will be good too.

Make revision necessary

Revision is one of the most important factors in exam preparation in any exam. You should allow enough time to revise your various topics and chapters so that everything stays fresh. You should dedicate half of your daily curriculum to revision as this will help you better understand the topics. You will also learn that you remember well how many of the subjects and chapters you studied. So now focus more on the revision.

Give test tests and solve papers

If you want to know and understand the actual exam of the GATE exam, you should try the previous year’s papers along with as many test tests as possible. Please note that after reading all the topics, you have to solve the GATE essays from previous years thematically. Provide quizzes and tests on every topic and topic. This helps candidates analyze their performance and improve their weaknesses, as well as giving them a feel for the actual exam.

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Revision in the last stage

Follow this plan for last week’s GATE exam. Instead of completing the curriculum, focus on revising and practicing at this point. Give as many practice tests as you can. After each test, see which topic you are weak on and keep making mistakes. To fix your shortcomings, revise it well. During this time, you will do 2-4 practice tests a day. Also, keep all of the concepts in mind as you practice. With this exercise, your self-confidence will increase and the nervousness will completely stop. This will prepare you optimally for the exam.

Don’t read a new topic at the last minute

Many candidates make this mistake and mix all of their hard work in water. To complete the curriculum, they don’t pay attention to the revision and keep reading new topics even at the end of the exam. Because of this, they forget about everything during the examination. Remember, you are not reading a new topic at the last minute. You are only revising your notes.


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