GATE Computer Science Revision Quiz Plan 2022, try here: GATE & PSU CS

BYJUS exam preparation starts the highly anticipated GATE 2022 Rapid Revision Quiz for all future GATE CS candidates on January 12, 2022. The detailed schedule below will help prepare all of the CS topics for the past month with quizzes on each topic.

The quick revision quiz plan will be beneficial to all candidates preparing for GATE 2022 as it provides a single point of contact for all requirements and gives them an edge in their preparation.

Advantages of the GATE CS quick revision quiz plan

  • The subject matter experts on our team prepare questions based on the exam pattern.
  • It will cover all important topics of the GATE CS syllabus.
  • Examine your ranking and your level of readiness.
  • Taking a quiz can help candidates improve their accuracy and speed.
  • It will help you stay consistent with your GATE exam preparation.

GATE 2022 exam template

The GATE 2022 exam template for the IT branch is given below.



Exam duration

3 hours (180 minutes)


  • General aptitude (GA)
  • Computer science engineering

Number of questions

  • 65 questions
  • General suitability: 10 questions
  • Core subjects: 55 questions

Question type

  • Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)
  • Multiple Select Questions (MSQ)
  • Numeric Response Type (NAT) Questions

Evaluation scheme

  • For MCQs with 1 point: 1/3 point will be deducted for each wrong answer.
  • For MCQs with 2 points: 2/3 points are deducted for each wrong answer.
  • No negative evaluation for Multiple Select Question (MSQ) and Numerical Answer Type (NAT) questions.

GATE (CS) quick revision quiz 2022 details

  • Number of questions: 8 (technical questions about mixing subjects)
  • Duration: 18 minutes
  • Lifetime: 9 AM
  • Quiz details: 4 questions for 1 mark, 4 questions for 2 marks
  • Evaluation scheme: (+1) for correct answer and (-1/3) for wrong answer; (+2) for correct answer and (-2/3) for wrong answer

GATE CS quick revision quiz schedule 2022

The schedule of the GATE Computer Science Rapid Revision Quiz Schedule 2022 as indicated below, candidates can save this article as it is updated regularly.


Quiz name

Quiz link

January 12th

Quick revision quiz 1

Try now

13th January

Quick revision quiz 2

Try now

January 14th

Quick revision quiz 3

Try now

15. January

Weekly quiz for quick revision 1

Try now

January 16

Weekly quiz for quick revision 2

Try now

January 17th

Quick revision quiz 4

Try now

January 18th

Quick revision quiz 5

Try now

January 19th

Quick revision quiz 6

Try now

January 20th

Quick revision quiz 7

Try now

21th January

Quick revision quiz 8

Try now

22nd of January

Quick revision quiz 9

Try now

January 23

Weekly quiz for quick revision 3

Try now

January 24th

Weekly quiz for quick revision 4

Try now

January 25th

Quick revision quiz 10

Try now

January 26th

Quick revision quiz 11

Try now

January 27th

Quick revision quiz 12

Try now

January 28th

Quick revision quiz 13

Try now

January 29th

Weekly quiz for quick revision 5

Try now

January 30th

Weekly quiz for quick revision 6

Try now

31 January

Quick revision quiz 14

Try now

February 1st

Quick revision quiz 15

Try now

February 2nd

Quick revision quiz 16

Try now

3 February

Quick revision quiz 17

Try now

February 4th

Quick revision quiz 18

Try now

BYJU’s Exam Prep offers the GATE 2022 Rapid Revision Quiz plan for Computer Science, which includes daily practice quizzes. What are you waiting for? This revision plan is completely free. Start by taking quizzes to determine your level of preparation.

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