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ICSE and ISC 2022 semester 2 preparation strategy: Anything is possible with hard work. But is hard work enough? In order to prepare well for and succeed in any exam, you need to rely on both elements – smart learning as well as hard work. Therefore, we have provided some simple but efficient preparation tips for the students who appear for the ICSE and ISC 2022 semester 2 exams.

However, some of the fundamental factors that make a student breakthrough on the board exam are a positive attitude, determination, and commitment. The students must not be afraid of failure and concentrate on good grades. This year, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, authorities have also scaled back the ICSE and ISC curriculum. In addition, the examination before a committee takes place in two semesters. Here are some tips and tricks, strategies, to help students pass the exam with flying colors.

Tips for preparing for ICSE and ISC 2022 semester 2

Students need to organize and develop a solid plan. This automatically increases the chances of achieving a top ranking in the ICSE and ISC exams in semester 2. Study hard, but more importantly, study smart, as mentioned earlier. Students need to know the bipartite ICSE and ISC curriculum and record everything that needs to be done in detail and in detail.

That way, it won’t be difficult for them to find out exactly where they are. The trick is to start early. Even with exams like ICSE and ISC, procrastination is the bane of success. So, pull up your socks and follow the tips below to keep students from reaching for straws.

Curriculum for ICSE and ISC 2022 semester 2

Therefore, before developing a preparation strategy, students need to understand the exam pattern and curriculum. In order to understand the exam and prepare well for it, they need to understand the exam pattern and curriculum of ICSE and ISC for semester 2. This will help them get an idea of ​​the type of questions, the type of exam, the grading scheme, the length of time, and the number of questions that will be asked in the entrance exam.

Knowing the curriculum will make students aware of the questions they might encounter, the problems, the difficult sections, and the more analytical ones. As mentioned earlier, smart learning is probably the most efficient way to get along with the ICSE and ISC board exams curriculum, and the best way to do this is by knowing the curriculum well.

Students can study chapter- and topic-related ICSE and ISC question papers to get a good idea of ​​what the two-part curriculum includes. They can also get a good idea of ​​which of the many topics is more important than the others. This will also enable the students to develop a well-founded strategy to make the preparation process more comprehensive and analytical, i.e. also more time-efficient.

Download the ICSE Semester 2 Curriculum for Grade 10 here

Download Check ISC Semester 2 Curriculum for Grade 12 here

Planning a schedule to prepare for ICSE and ISC 2022 semester 2

Plan every day. The most efficient system that can produce great results is to create a schedule that allows you to go through different topics, exercises, and topics. Also, take breaks, do assignments, revise, play memory games, and re-study.

Make sure students create a schedule that will ultimately prove productive in the sense that it will urge them to prepare well. Divide the day into different halves and assign each half to a specific activity that leads to a productive day.

Solving ICSE and ISC specimen papers for semester 2

Practice makes a person perfect. Even if perfection cannot be achieved, students can secure a full number of points if they pursue perfection and solve the sample or sample questionnaires from ICSE and ISC semester 2. Solving all kinds of questions and queries will impart an amazingly wide range of knowledge, increasing the chances of answering any difficult or critical question.

CISCE has already published the ISC and ICSE sample questionnaires. In order to understand the question types, the students have to solve the sample papers as well as ICSE, ISC semester 2 specimen papers. The authorities have published a sample questionnaire for grades 10 and 12 on the official website

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Short notes at the rescue in preparation for ICSE and ISC semester 2

As students work through the ICSE and ISC curriculum, students are required to make short notes on important topics and some tips or shortcuts. Preparing the sticky notes can save you some time during the revision time. You can also study the topics without going through them again before the exam. In addition, students must spend the final month on the review.

How do I prepare for ICSE and ISC semester 2?

  • Prepare a list of topics by referring to the curriculum that students feel they are weak on and make another list of the easy topics.
  • Students should thoroughly read, write, and practice their weaker sections.
  • It is equally important for them to sharpen their strengths so that they can do well in every section of the entrance exam.


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