gk study tips: GK study tips: If you simply want to expand your general knowledge, then follow these 8 effective tips


  • These tips will be very useful in improving general knowledge.
  • This way you will get complete information about the country and the world.
  • Aside from reading the GK book, these things are also very important.

Whether in the public service or in the private sector, questions about general knowledge are definitely asked everywhere. At the same time, there are many such exams in which questions from general knowledge and current events are decisive. So every young person wants to improve their general knowledge. General knowledge and awareness are very important these days. About 80 percent of competitive exams consist of GK papers and without improving your GK you won’t be able to pass them. As you prepare for these proficiency tests too, your general knowledge should be better. Here we give you some such tips that you can use to improve your general knowledge (GK).

1. Read GK’s daily English international newspaper
International GK newspapers are very useful in making International GK strong. There are thousands of regional newspapers around the world, but this one can only find news about events around him, because that’s not enough. In such a situation, in order to fix GK, you should select an English international GK newspaper and read it for 1 hour a day. Reading the GK newspaper every day strengthens your general knowledge. With general awareness, you will stand out from the crowd in the competition. Understand that today’s news is tomorrow’s story.

2. Read a good knowledge book
Continuous learning is one of the best ways to increase knowledge. Books are the best source of knowledge. You have to read a large number of non-fiction books on various subjects. Also read classic books, since questions about literature are very common, you can easily increase a maximum general knowledge and awareness by reading books. Thousands of GK books are available in the bookstore, you can choose one of your choice here and read a good general knowledge book.

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3. Listen to the English news for an hour
To update GK, listen to the English news for at least an hour each day. Listening to the English news every day will improve your GK. As a result, the power to speak will also increase. Will be able to pronounce the up word more accurately. At the same time, your memory will also improve. You can listen to news on any channel or radio as it is the best news source.

4. Access the Internet
Browsing the internet will give you more knowledge than any other source of JK updates. Even some news and articles in GK magazine are sometimes taken from the Internet. So you should surf the internet to gain knowledge. Newspapers and magazines are the first sources to find out about current events, but you can find all kinds of GKs on the internet such as Historical GK and News, so this is one of the best sources.

5. Take part in quizzes and GK games
You need to take at least one GK test in newspapers or on the internet every month. Many quiz and GK games are also available in this format which is very interesting. Through this you learn and remember in a playful way.

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6. Review the documentation
Nowadays, documentaries on very important topics are filmed in a very interesting way. This documentation is a treasure trove of knowledge. This will allow you to expand your knowledge in a very fun way.

7. Required for writing
Writing on any topic was a great way to expand knowledge. Before you write an article on any subject, do your research, read about it, understand it. After that, when you write about it, you have content ready to use over and over again.

8. Think about the study time
When studying a subject, take the length of study into account. Some people can study for 1 to 2 hours without any problems, but for many people it is difficult to study for even 1 hour continuously. For these people, it is necessary to take short breaks during their studies or to mix the above learning techniques. While creating a full study plan, don’t deny the time of those little breaks.

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