Happy New Year 2022 – Best Exam Preparation Tips for NEET and JEE Exams

It’s a new year 2022! It is a time to reflect on the past year and plan the year ahead with renewed enthusiasm, hope, and eagerness to work towards our goals. 2021 was a year of challenges and unpredictability. The past two years have been difficult for medical and engineering aspirants with the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has made us switch to a fully online learning mode, one from home learning with no physical classes; The students were on their own on their journey to prepare for the entrance exam. Amid the current fear of the spread of Omicron, the online learning mode can continue for the next few months. Therefore, students preparing for the engineering and medical entrance exams need a solid exam prep strategy to ensure that exam prep hits every objective on their list.

With only two months left for the JEE Mains 2022 exam and four months for the NEET 2022 exam, it’s easy to get distracted. To help you better understand your exam prep, here are some of the best exam preparation tips for NEET and JEE exams. Perhaps you can take inspiration from these strategies to work towards your goal.

Get organized today!

With you only a few months away from your exam day, are you sure you have enough space to spread out your books and notes? Is your study space comfortable? Are your distractions out of sight?

First things first, get rid of all distractions. Then make sure that you are comfortable in your room, be it in every corner of your house. As a student, you need to understand your needs during the study sessions, it can be pin-headless silence or complete isolation from the people around you. Some students need a super organized and tidy study space while others thrive in a more cluttered environment. The bottom line is to think about what works best for you. It’s the best time to get it right.

When are you most productive?

It is important to find a specific time of day when your mind is most active. For example, some students are night owls, others are early risers. So which one are you

You have to decide for yourself based on your productivity. You need to know what time of the day you are very active and can do most of the work efficiently.

Make space for charts, graphs, and other visual aids

You have reached the end of the academic year; therefore, you should start exam revision. It is time to put your revision into a one-sided plan. Getting your ideas down on paper is a quick way to remember everything, and diagrams can be extremely helpful with revisions. For now, the most important thing is to create a proper plan with a flowchart and then highlight where the gaps are.

Try mnemonic

“Some People Have Curly Brown Hair Turned Permanently Black” is a memory aid for trigonometry, which relates to the values ​​of sine, cosine and tangent.

  • Sin A = perpendicular: hypotenuse
  • Cos A = base: hypotenuse
  • Tan A = perpendicular: base

Mnemonic makes data easier to remember. They can be applied to almost any subject from physics, chemistry, and biology to math. Whether you are preparing for the JEE Mains 2022 or NEET 2022 exam, using mnemonic can be an extremely effective reminder tip. You can make your own mnemonics and use them to help you remember things.

Practice the exam papers from the previous year

This is a proven strategy! As the exams approach quickly, one only needs to study the most related questions according to the exam scheme. Don’t waste time on pointless questions or follow the entire curriculum. By solving the NEET and JEE main questionnaires from the previous year, the exam pattern will become clearer to you. It alerts you to various aspects of the exam, including the frequently asked questions, the level of difficulty, and the distribution of grades. In addition, being fully prepared for exams will increase your confidence.

You have dealt with this doubt in this section! Students preparing for JEE and NEET can easily find previous year’s questionnaires here on the Doubtnut. Check out now!

Take a break to celebrate the new year 2022

You don’t have to put yourself under house arrest as you prepare for an important exam; Instead, it’s important to find a favorable balance that brings everything into line with your day-to-day student life. What are your plans for New Year’s Eve? The New Year break cannot be overlooked. As a student, you need to take the time to celebrate the new year 2022. It not only offers you a perfect break from everyday life, but also proves to be a great stress reliever. Make sure to remove the lethargy from your life. Since there are only a few months left for the exam, this is the most important thing.

I’m looking forward to 2022

Doubtnut wishes you a very successful New Year in which all your dreams and wishes will come true. We look forward to seeing you on our e-learning platform, streaming videos, attending crash courses, offering you new and exciting e-learning courses, discussing study-related topics and continuing to provide you with the latest information on performance and Deliver exam exams via our website and app platform. We hope you enjoy learning with Doubtnut. Doubtnut has everything you need for study material & exam support.

Happy New Year 2022 again! May you achieve all of your goals.

Much luck!


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