How do I prepare for TBJEE 2022?

How to prepare for TBJEE 2022 – Good preparation is key to passing an exam. TBJEE 2022 requires candidates to prepare thoroughly and in detail for the exam. The Tripura Joint Entrance Examination (TJEE) is conducted by the Tripura Board of Joint Entrance Examination (TBJEE) and is a state examination. Applicants who are seeking admission to professional courses such as engineering, medicine, agricultural sciences and technology can apply for this test. Read the full article for more information on TBJEE 2022.

Candidates will find the best preparation tips and strategies for TBJEE 2022 in this article.

How to prepare for TBJEE 2022

The TJEE paper is designed to test the candidate’s 11th and 12th grade proficiency in physics, chemistry, math and biology. Candidates can refer to the following preparation tips for TBJEE 2022.

Thorough preparation is key to passing all exams. Hence, in this article, we’re going to provide all the tips on how to take the KEAM 2022 exam.

  • First, go through the full curriculum and exam schedule. Write down important topics, difficult topics.
  • Create a timetable to organize your time for each subject and subject.
  • Study extensively. Don’t leave a topic.
  • Solve sample papers and questionnaires from the previous year for practice. This also helps with time management.
  • Read and try questions from other books as well. This will build your confidence to try different types of questions.
  • Don’t lose focus. Keep learning and avoiding distractions.

Know your exam

Before diving into preparation, it is very important to know how the paper will arrive. Examination regulations, curriculum, grades, and the best books should be checked prior to preparation. Knowing these things will help you begin your preparation in a better and more structured manner. One should first try the questions that one is convinced of.

Make a schedule

It is important that a candidate has a schedule. It helps you to go through your preparation days in a structured manner. You should allocate the time for all topics. Separate the important topics and pay more attention to them. Take into account the time remaining for the exams in your schedule. This way you can take your time and study each topic in more detail. This gives you time every day to revise formulas. In chemistry, days can be divided into physical, organic and inorganic. Biology is also a broad field and it is very important to revise the definitions.

Smart study

Doing hard work is a very good quality of a student. Every student should be determined and hardworking. Though sometimes more than hard work, smart work pays off. Instead of focusing on just one topic, it is better to focus on important topics. Instead of studying each and every topic, look for the topics that are often asked in exams.

Dedication and focus

A candidate should be determined and lose focus. There should be no distractions while studying. Your mind should only be about studying and nothing should make you lose focus. Devotion is a very important quality in a person. Never stop trying. Keep trying to solve the question until you have an answer

Solve the papers from the previous year / mock tests / sample papers

Solving the previous year’s work is a very effective way of learning and practicing. It will help you figure out the pattern and difficulty of the exam. It also helps you improve the way you participate in the newspaper. As you do these jobs, improve your speed and accuracy. You learn to solve the work in a time-limited environment. So if you try the main paper you will know how to do it.

stay healthy

You can concentrate more on your studies when you are physically and mentally healthy. Candidates should eat a balanced diet and avoid eating a lot of junk food, as this will make them lazy and promote sleep. Also, take time to exercise. Exercise for at least 30 minutes a day. Exercise helps refresh the mind and body, and helps you focus more on studying.

Revision and practice

Revision is very important. Revise the formulas and definitions over and over again. People tend to forget formulas and other important topics. Hence, a daily revision is a key to remembering and brushing up on all topics. Notes help with the revision. It is advisable to take small notes with each revision. In subjects like math, practice is the best way to gain confidence in the subject.

TBJEE 2022 exam template

The TBJEE 2022 exam is divided into 3 groups. All of these groups include various combinations of subjects. Candidates can choose their preferred group for which they want to appear on the exam.

course subjects
A- engineering / technology courses Physics, chemistry, mathematics
B-medicine / veterinary / agriculture / fishing etc. Physics, chemistry, biology
C- Both group A&B Physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics

Before preparing, it is important to go through the exam schedule to get an idea of ​​how the exam will go. Grades, time, postponements, exam mode are all crucial to being known before the exam.

  • Name of the exam Tripura Common Entrance Examination (TJEE)
  • Senior body Tripura Board of Joint Entrance Examination (TBJEE)
  • Section in paper 4 sections (physics, chemistry, mathematics and biology)
  • Number of layers 3 layers (1.- Physics & Chemistry, 2.- Biology, 3.- Mathematics)
  • Number of questions 120 (60- math / biology, 60- physics / chemistry)
  • Overall grades 120 marks (per subject)
  • Exam Duration 1st shift – 1 hour 30 min., 2nd shift – 45 min., 3rd shift – 45 min.
  • Question type Goal (MCQs)
  • Evaluation scheme +4 for correct answer, -1 for wrong answer.
  • Marking of OMR sheet For the correct answer one should darken the circle. Liquid / eraser / blade must not be used on the OMR sheet. No more than one answer is allowed. No response can be cut and damage to the OMR sheet is prohibited.

TBJEE 2022 curriculum

Candidates must complete their curriculum well in advance of the exams. Then they can revise and practice more. It is very important to prepare according to the curriculum. TBJEE 2022 includes 4 subjects, physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology.

physics Laws of motion, kinematics, work, energy & power, gravitation, rotational movement,
Electrostatics, vibrations & waves, magnetic effects of electricity & magnetism,
Electromagnetic waves, dual nature of matter and radiation, electronic devices,
Atoms & nuclei, communication systems, etc.
chemistry Atomic structure, nuclear chemistry, periodic classification of elements,
Acids and bases, electrochemistry, chemical equilibrium, and chemical kinetics
Alkali and alkaline earth metals, Group elements, Group IV elements, etc.
mathematics Sets, relationships and functions, matrices and determinants, sequences and series
Mathematical induction, binomial theorem, limit value, continuity and differentiability, differential equations, coordinate geometry, etc.
biology Biology and Human Welfare, Plant and Animal Morphology, Taxonomy and Classification, Genetics and Nervous System Evolution
Reproductive cell and cell division, ecology, etc.

Link for the detailed syllabus of TBJEE 2022: TBJEE 2022 SYLLABUS

Important books for TBJEE 2022

Candidates preparing for this exam should be familiar with any books that can help them improve their preparation. In the tables below we have compiled the most important books that every candidate should learn from.

Physics books for TBJEE 2022

Understand physics
By – DC Pandey
Concept of Physics Volume 1 & 2
By-HC Verma
Basics of physics
By-Halliday, Resnick and Walker

Chemistry books for TBJEE 2022

Organic chemistry
By-OP Tandon
Inorganic chemistry
By-OP Tandon
NCERT chemistry
Grade 11 & 12
Numerical chemistry
From-P. Bahadur
A modern approach to chemical calculations
By-RC Mukherjee

Biology books for TBJEE 2022

Pradeep – A text for biology BUY IT HERE
S Chand biology BUY IT HERE
TRUEMAN’S Elementary Biology for Grade 12 BUY IT HERE

Math books for TBJEE 2022

Math for grade 12
By-RD Sharma
Problems in calculus in one variable
Von-IA Marron
Higher algebra
By-Hall Knight
NCERT mathematics BUY IT HERE
Plane trigonometry
By-SL Loney

How to Prepare for TBJEE 2022 – FAQs

Is NCERT important in preparing for TBJEE 2022?

Yes NCERT is the most important book for basic preparation. Once a candidate has clarified their basic concepts, they can move on to other books.

What everything should be studied for TJEE 2022?

The TJEE exam consists of 4 subjects. Hence, it is important to focus on whatever subjects you are facing. The 11th and 12th grade books are the most important. Solving questionnaires from previous years also increases knowledge. Take notes and study them just before the exams.

Is there a negative score on the TBJEE 2022 exam?

Yes, -1 will be deducted for every wrong answer.

Will NCERT be enough for KEAM?

NCERT books are the best way to prepare for these exams. Although there is nothing wrong with going through other books in preparation. The best books for KEAM 2022 can be referenced to see what books candidates can use to help them prepare more thoroughly.

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