How do I prepare reasoning for the CAT 2022 exam? Curriculum, books and preparation tips: CAT & MBA

Test pattern for logical thinking in CAT

The reasoning part of the CAT 2022 exam tests the candidate’s problem-solving ability. To begin their reasoning preparation, candidates should know the CAT paper sample for this section. The following table summarizes the pattern for the data interpretation and reasoning section of the CAT exam.

Key components


Total number of questions

20 (according to CAT 2021)

Kind of questions


Allocated grades (total)



3 points for every 1 correct answer

0 points for each unanswered answer

Negative mark

Yes (-1 point for every wrong answer in MCQs) No negative evaluation for TITA questions

Level of difficulty

DI (easy to medium), LR (medium to difficult)

CAT Logical Thinking Curriculum 2022

By curating the CAT questions of the past few years from the logical thinking sections, it becomes clear that CAT logical thinking questions are primarily grouped around the following topics:

  • Arrangement – circular, linear
  • Binary logic
  • Grid / matrix based
  • Ranking and comparison
  • Team selection
  • Dice and dice
  • Quantitative thinking (based on numbers)

The best books for preparing for CAT Logical Reasoning

The CAT exam is carried out once a year by IIMs. MBA candidates eagerly await this exam for the chance to take prestigious IIMs for the MBA degree. So candidates need to choose the right book for their reasoning preparation for CAT.

Here is a well-curated CAT logical thinking book list that will be beneficial for candidates preparing for CAT 2022.

Book name


How to prepare logical thinking for CAT. before

Arun Sharma

Logical thinking and data interpretation

Nishit K. Sinha

Data interpretation and data sufficiency

Ananta Ashish

Equipped with the CAT books on logical thinking listed above, candidates can prepare more effectively and in a more predictable manner. Candidates can also get advice from BYJU’s Exam Prep Experts at CAT Online Coaching 2022. The most important thing in preparing for logical thinking for CAT is proper time management and regular practice of CAT logical thinking topics.

In order to regularly check and analyze the preparation status, the aspirants must also solve the CAT mock test 2022 and improve their scores accordingly.

Tips for Following CAT Logical Reasoning Preparation 2022

Since candidates start preparing a year before the exam, they have ample time to logically prepare for the CAT. Below are some tips candidates should follow in preparation for reasoning in the CAT.

CAT Logical Reasoning preparation tips and strategy

First of all, candidates should be familiar with the CAT Test Pattern 2022. You can divide the questions into several categories depending on their level of difficulty. It will help them identify their strengths and weaknesses regarding the subjects and they can easily start practicing to improve those sections.

Practice logical reasoning questions

In order to solve the logical reasoning questions, it is strongly recommended that you use the information provided in the specific question. In addition, candidates can practice questions according to the trend and previous year papers. For that they have

Enhance the basic sense of solving logical reasoning questions for CAT 2022

The following do’s to improve the reasoning section.

  • Read the reasoning books first to learn how to best solve the questions and gain conceptual clarity.
  • Always try to find out the problems by drawing grids. It’s one of the best time-saving ways to solve logical reasoning problems.
  • It is highly recommended that you practice the previous year’s CAT questions as it will give a better understanding of what to expect on the exam.
  • Read the problem carefully whenever you can find clues for solving the problem in the question itself.


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