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Lucknow: A piecemeal strategy, online study groups, and last-minute discussions and debates can all help achieve good results on the Common Admission Test (CAT).
“There are mainly three sections, Verbal Skills and Reading Comprehension (VARC), Data Interpretation and Reasoning (DILR), and Quantitative Skills (QA). A candidate should invest the same amount of time to prepare for all three sections. Practicing questionnaires from the previous year can also be of great help, ”said Ankur Singh, who reached a 99.87 percentile.
Rahul Singh Bhadauria, who reached the 99.86 percentile, said one should focus on clearing doubts about one section before moving on to the other.
Shashwat Awasthi and Kriti Upadhyay, who reached the 99.83 percentile, said, “With advances in technology, candidates today have the opportunity to take part in online study groups. There are also popular social media groups that set trends and give relevant tips on cracking CAT exams. ”
“Time management is a key to success in CAT. A candidate should allow an equal amount of time to prepare all sections. A clock should be set to prepare and conduct a trial test for each section. Only time management and consistency can help you do well on the national level exam, ”said Akshat Rathore, who hit a 99.79 percentile.
Ritik Raj, another 99.79 percentile scorer, said: “The stage preparation strategy is one of the most important factors for good results in the CAT. Since there is a time limit for each section, one has to learn to manage the time efficiently by setting goals to solve 8-10 questions in a given amount of time. ”
“Calculate the time it takes to solve a question, or ask a dozen questions. It’s the best way to measure your performance and it will also help you solve questions without panicking, ”said Vaibhav Gupta, who reached the 99.6 percentile.
Similar views were shared by Jurugu Sree Vishnu (99.5) Aditya wahi (99.4), Rajat Tewari (99.3), Tejaswin Goyal (99.25), Shailendra (99.27) and Shubham Agarwal (99.18) .
The results of CAT were announced on Monday.


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