How much can an average student realistically achieve in JEE Advanced with 2 months of preparation with a basic concept already clarified?

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Regarding your question above, I would like to inform you that taking the JEE Advance on the first attempt is not very difficult when a student has cleared all the basics for the JEE exam but only consciously spent two months on the JEE has prepared advance but that’s not impossible. If the candidate has the most careful exercise and all basic concepts are thoroughly clarified, then the candidate can easily qualify and take the JEE pre-exam.

But remember, this person has to work really hard, practice very difficult questions, practice consistently for hours, and solve last year’s questionnaires to release the JEE advance on the first try.

So I think that any average student is thoroughly cleared with the basic concepts and with two months of conscious practice and hard work solving the questions from previous years and with consistent preparation can easily complete the JEE prep work. This student should have the best tips and strategies for cracking JEE Advance.

If you want to learn about some of the best prep tips and strategies, you can follow the link below:

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