How to Prepare Current Affairs for Competitive Audits

Current affairs and questions of current affairs are an essential part of general knowledge, the questions of which are asked in selection procedures or state examinations. Currently, hot topic questions and answers occupy an important place in any competition because the curriculum is unlimited. In order to understand this unlimited course, it is necessary that you study other subjects as well.

It’s an independent section and students are trying to cover GK from different websites and using multiple resources. This leaves them confused because of the huge variety of topics that can overlap. Although there are a number of magazines, apps, books, and newspapers that add value to the state exam.

Students can easily take a free general knowledge mock test and current affairs mock test on this platform for the online exam on this platform to get good grades in the competitive exams with ease.

How to Prepare Current Affairs for the Competitive Examination

Recent exam analysis from SSC, UPSC and Railway Banking Exams shows that the number of questions in this area is increasing every year. In the UPSC CSE exam, even the general knowledge questions from history and politics supported this event that took place last year.

In addition, the SSC may ask the question about current affairs from any national or international event that has taken place in the past six months. This explains the importance of present-day affairs to government exams.

Effective ways of preparing current affairs

So here are a few tips to prepare you for the latest happenings for the selection tests:

Books are essential

Books are a widely used and reliable source for preparing for current events. There are many books that are universally available online, offline, shopping portals.

Magazines are your best source

Magazines have been a trusted source of GK and current affairs for a very long time. It keeps track of major events around the world. a number of them are, Topper Success Review, Interview Discuss Word, Personal Post Exam Interview, Some magazines also use the study material, such as Geography of India, Constitution of India, Economy and Politics. It is available in two languages ​​to accommodate a maximum number of students.

Apps & websites

Websites & Apps are rampant as everyone can now access the internet and there are various applications that provide 10-20 bilingual summaries of recent events for quick reading. It improves knowledge. Also, check out news channels regularly as pictures make it easy for you to remember events.

Quiz Questions: Quiz questions are also effective for remembering current events. Time quiz section testing the student is another key to learn things as a lot of new things happen every day.


The newspaper is the best source for arranging an exam as it covers everything in everyday life. Regular reading will make you an effective reader who will make the exam easier for you and you will be able to remember every aspect. it will impart in-depth knowledge of political, national, economic, sporting, regional and international events. a number of the most effective newspapers are The Hindu, Indian Express, and others. Not only will it help you keep up to date, but it will also improve your English, vocabulary, reading and comprehension skills.

International organizations: The most important economic organizations in the world such as IMF, WTO, WB, IMO are important if you know how they work and how they are structured. Large political global groups such as the UN regional groups ASEAN, SAARC. You are expected to come to terms with your headquarters, your chairperson, or the other major reforms / events.


It has become the most popular place to get knowledge. Every topic is easy to find & helps you a lot to revise current topics and for short-term preparation you simply have to find the best channel (exam book app) for you to find out from videos and tutorials. Also take the online mock test to check what amount you see and write down the last few points. It is very important because you cannot waste time searching for and reading it over and over again.

Important topics that need to be addressed for Current Affairs are:

Current scientific and technical innovation

Core subjects such as politics, geography, economics, history

Economic / business issues

National and international socio-political issues

Environmental and ecological issues

Sports and film affairs

Information from the supervisory authority


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