How to prepare for AIL LET 2022 – preparation tips, books, strategy

How to prepare for AIL LET 2022 All candidates aspiring to join the Army Institute of Law (AIL) Punjab must start their preparations as the official notification will be released shortly. AIL LET 2022 is a national legal entrance exam and around 50,000 students appear for it every year. It ranks 16th among the best law colleges in India and has very limited places for law courses. Candidates must start their preparations 4 to 6 months before the exam as the level of the exam is moderate to difficult. Candidates need to know the right preparation strategy as it will lead them to success. The complete and detailed syllabus can be found on this page. Candidates can visit this page for details on preparation strategy, best books, tips, curriculum, etc.

How to prepare for AIL LET 2022

The AIL LET 2022 exam is no different from other law-based entrance exams, and with practice and consistent effort, candidates pass the exam. First, candidates must complete the entire exam pattern outlined above.

AIL LET 2022 General English Preparation

This section is based solely on grammar and general English and is mainly required in all legal entrance exams. Candidates can refer to the following preparation tips for this section:

  • Go through the entire syllabus and topics: Candidates must go through the extensive and detailed English syllabus to begin preparation. This section tests the basic grammar and structure of English and scores highly if well prepared by students.
  • Read newspapers and novels: Newspapers help to build up a good vocabulary and formulate grammatical structures in your head. Making newspaper reading a habit will benefit students in this section
  • Learn basic grammar rules: The most important grammar rules are followed everywhere. Candidates need to refer to the good grammar books for preparation and learn to apply some grammatical structures and usages in sentences.
  • Practice mock testing: Take regular English mock tests, which are readily available, to find your weak areas of grammar usage and mistakes. Try to fix the errors by going through the contents of the books.

AIL LET 2022 preparation for legal aptitude

This section contains all legal terms and facts as well as the constitution of India. Therefore, when preparing for legal aptitude, candidates need to be cautious and consider the following things:

  • Choosing good books: Good books are essential for the preparation of this section. Candidates must select the books that cover all the important topics related to legal aptitude and legal awareness.
  • Improve legal awareness: Candidates are required to increase their legal awareness and understanding of the legal concepts and terminology contained in the syllabus. Since this entrance exam tests the candidate’s legal fitness, you should be aware of the court procedures and famous judgments.
  • Take brief notes as you study the Constitution from India: Short notes are essential to maintain the important points and articles of the Constitution. Highlight the most important articles and rights. Check all legal provisions and read them carefully.
  • Stick to the syllabus: Candidates must adhere to all major topics and concepts included in the syllabus as nothing from the syllabus is challenged. The syllabus for this section is moderate and requires practice and time.

AIL LET 2022 general knowledge and preparation for current affairs:

This section focuses primarily on the candidate’s knowledge of recent events in the nation and the world. The following tips should be observed:

  • Read newspaper: The habit of reading should be cultivated in candidates to improve daily happenings around the world and in our country. Highlight important articles and news.
  • Stay up to date on what’s happening: This will help you in the general knowledge area as it will ask all knowledge about recent events.
  • Improve general knowledge: This can be done by reading general education books and expanding knowledge of history, economics, art and literature. Lucent’s General Knowledge is the best general awareness book.

AIL LET 2022 Mental Ability Preparation

This section tests candidates’ logical thinking and critical thinking. Therefore, candidates must improve their mental abilities by following the following points:

  • A proper schedule: A proper schedule definitely helps if it’s designed to cover all the topics in the Mental Skills section. Be sure to give each topic time to improve logical skills.
  • Do mock tests: Take mock tests from time to time, both offline and online, so that you become fully aware of the exam and the exam pattern. Mock tests give you an insight into the nature of the questions on the exam.
  • Develop critical thinking: Applicants must develop the critical thinking for this section by solving and practicing as many questions as possible. This will help candidates understand the different questions and concepts and thus understand the logic behind each question.

AIL LET 2022 exam pattern

The AIL LET 2022 will be held in online fashion. The duration of the exam will be 2 hours or 120 minutes. All in all 200 questions will be asked in the exam in English. The format of the questionnaire will be that Target type or MCQ based. There is no negative mark. Each question has a score and the total score is 200. The questionnaire is divided into four sections namely General English, Legal Aptitude, General Knowledge and Current Affairs and Intellectual Capabilities. The sectional pattern and distribution are given below:

sections number of questions markings
General English 50 50
Legal Aptitude 50 50
General knowledge & current affairs 50 50
mental ability 50 50
total 200 200

AIL LET 2022 curriculum

The syllabus forms the core of the preparation as it helps candidates keep their vision clear. Candidates must complete the following comprehensive section-by-section AIL LET 2022 syllabus as follows:

General English

Candidates may review the following important topics for this section:

  • reading comprehension
  • recognize mistakes
  • One-Word Substitution
  • Synonyms and antonyms
  • sentence completion
  • idioms and phrases
  • English grammar

Legal Aptitude

The main topics for this section are:

  • Current and important legal facts
  • Legal Notice
  • law and justice
  • The Constitution of India
  • Important Articles

General knowledge and current affairs

The important topics covered in this section:

  • Current affairs, including the latest events related to politics, law, science, sports, entertainment, business (both world and national), etc.
  • story
  • art and literature
  • business
  • General Awareness

mental ability

This section tests a student’s basic thinking and mental abilities. Important topics for this section are:

  • Series Completion
  • Charts for logical friends
  • blood relatives
  • encoding and decoding
  • sense of direction test
  • mystery
  • seating arrangement
  • calendars and clocks
  • Date and Time

Strategy for the AIL LET 2022 exam day

Candidates can refer to the following strategy for the day of the exam:

  • Bring all required documents with you to the test center along with the admission card, including the admission card.
  • Make sure you manage your time well to answer each question as time is very limited
  • Try to answer all questions as there is no negative mark in the exam
  • Try the questions that come easy to you to save time, and don’t waste too much time on a specific question
  • Carefully read the exam day guidelines printed on your AIL LET 2022 admission card and make sure you don’t miss any important documents or instructions.
  • Read and memorize with the help of sticky notes to prepare for the last few days.
  • Arrive at the exam location at least 40 minutes before the exam to avoid rushing and last-minute document checks.

AIL LET 2022 Best Books

In order to improve basic legal proficiency and start preparing for the AIL LET 2022 exam, candidates need to go through the important topics and content in the books. To do this, candidates must wisely select books that contain the best learning material. The following are the best books shared by the toppers for AIL LET:

Frequently asked questions about preparing for AIL LET 2022

Q How many sections are there in LEAVE AIL 2022?

A. There are four sections in AIL LET 2022 namely General English, Legal Aptitude, General Knowledge and Current Affairs and Intellectual Capabilities.

Q. How do I prepare for the Law Aptitude section of AIL LET 2022?

A. Go through the good books like Legal Awareness and Legal Capacity of AP Bhardwaj for this section and take notes and highlight important points. See the page above for a detailed strategy.

Q. What is the format of AIL LET 2022?

A. The format of AIL LET 2022 will be objective.

Q. How do I prepare for the GC and Current Affairs section?

A. Candidates can make a habit of reading newspapers to improve current events and refer to Lucent’s GK book to raise general awareness.

Q how can i improve General English for AIL LET 2022?

A. You can read the newspapers to build vocabulary and become familiar with the use and structure of grammar.

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