How to prepare for AP PGECET 2022

Preparation for AP PGECET 2022 – Approximately thirty thousand students appear for AP PGECET each year, so you need to choose a proper preparation method to pass the exam. This exam enables candidates to be accepted into various courses such as ME / MTech, M. Pharma and Pharm. D course. The AP PGECET exam is conducted by Sri Venkateswara University on behalf of APCHE. Students need to focus on AP PGECET 2022 preparation strategies that will increase their chances of high scores. If you have not yet started preparing, this is the time to prepare for this exam. Here are some important tips to help you prepare for AP PGECET 2022. In addition to preparation tips, we’ve also given the syllabus and the best books for AP PGECET 2022.

How to prepare for AP PGECET 2022

Candidates can refer to the following information on this page for general preparation tips for preparing for AP PGECET 2022.

AP PGECET 2022 exam template

Before starting exam preparation, candidates should research the AP PGECET 2022 exam template. The exam template for AP PGECET 2022 consists of the details of exam structure & question template, exam mode, exam duration, assessment scheme, number of questions, etc. This exam is an online, computer-based 120-minute admission test. Students have to answer 120 points of an objective question. If a candidate tries to answer a question incorrectly, no points will be deducted for that incorrect answer. The topics for this exam will be analogies, classification, mapping, understanding.

Preparation tips for AP PGECET 2022

To prepare for AP PGECET 2022, candidates must follow a preparation plan. We have put together some tips below.

  • Start your AP PGECET 2022 preparation around seven to eight months before the exam date. This will help you get an idea of ​​the exam and give you plenty of time to think about it again.
  • An effective strategy for reviewing and preparing for AP PGECET is to take handwritten notes. Candidates are encouraged to write a mind map with detailed information in the curriculum and to take notes.
  • The students can complete the questionnaires from the previous year from AP PGECET. From this you can recognize your weaknesses. Practicing these assignments will help you become comfortable with the exam environment and will help you finish your test on time.
  • You need to make sure that you revise notes on various topics from the AP PGECET curriculum. But all things stay fresh in the memory. To do this, you can formulate an audit plan. Proper practice of this technique can be the candidate’s greatest strength in successfully cracking AP PGECET.
  • Difficult preparation is one where students try to clear up the initial concepts before memorizing the topics. This should ideally be the same procedure for preparing AP PGECET.
  • Practice memorizing some 9th and 10th grade math basics for the exam, or you can suggest any 10th grade math book for the AP PGECET exam.
  • One of the most important aspects is that the candidates understand English and read complex texts. You can practice questions from any grammar book, understandable passages. You can read daily newspapers to improve your vocabulary and grammar skills.

AP PGECET 2022 curriculum

In order to apply for the AP PGECET exam, you need to know the syllabus. Students can review the AP PGECET 2022 curriculum by clicking on the subjects. The AP PGECET exam is based on a total of thirteen subjects. The students have to take these subjects and are offered separately for each course, e. B. Biotechnology, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Science and Information Technology, Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications, Food Technology, Geotechnics & Geoinformatics, Instrumental Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Metallurgy, Nanotechnology and Pharmacy.

The best books for AP PGECET 2022

We have listed some books for AP PGECET 2022 that can be used for exam preparation.

Books Left
PGECET – Mechanical Engineering In
Themed format edition 2017
Buy here
GATE and PGECET for computer science
and information technology
Buy here
PGECET for Computer Science &
Information technology (AP & TS)
Buy here


Sri Venkateswara University conducts the AP PGECET exam on behalf of APCHE (Andhra Pradesh State Council of Higher Education). Approximately thirty thousand candidates appear for the AP PGECET entrance test. The AP PGECET exam is a state exam that takes place once a year. Candidates who receive the qualification grades in the AP PGECET 2022 exam will be admitted to the universities or institutes of Andhra Pradesh.

FAQs to prepare for AP PGECET 2022

Q. When should I start preparing for the AP PGECET exam?

Answer There is no fixed preparation time that can ensure the success of the exam.

Q. Where can I get the AP PGECET curriculum?

Answer You can get the curriculum on the official website of AP PGECET

Q. What are the qualifying grades for AP PGECET?

Answer Candidates must have a minimum of 25% score on the AP PGECET 2022 exam to qualify for the exam.

Q. What is the good rank in AP PGCET?

Answer A rank below 5,000 is a great achievement for any student.

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