How to prepare for FDST 2021

How to prepare for FDST 2021– The foreign dental screening test will take place on January 11, 2022. FDST 2021 is a computer-based test that is divided into 2 papers; Paper I and Paper II. To turn your dreams into your reality, following the right approach and strategy is key to qualifying for any competitive test. With FDST around the corner, applicants will have to work hard to achieve their goals, but few of them will be successful. Hence, it is important to develop the right learning methodology in order to pass the exam. Even the smallest hack and tips can help you better prepare for the exam. So this page is where you can learn more about FDST last minute prep tips, recommended books, exam samples, curriculum, and more.

How to prepare for FDST 2021

Exam time can be very stressful as it puts a lot of pressure on candidates to perform well. However, with the right study strategy, you can pass the Foreign Dental Screening Test 2021. Here are some tips that can help candidates improve their FDST preparation.

Use flowcharts and diagrams: Flowcharts can be very helpful in revising difficult topics quickly and easily. As the exams approach, try turning all of your revision notes into charts. Visual representations such as diagrams, mind maps, and flow charts help you remember better than textual learning.

Practice past work: One of the most effective ways to prepare for a competitive exam is to practice with the previous year’s work. If the previous year’s work is not there, at least practice test tests based on the real exam to get an idea of ​​the format of the questions. You can also know what to expect in the question paper. Taking a trial test at this point will also help measure the time it will take for the actual test and will result in better time management.

Take regular breaks: Long study units can be tiring for the body and stressful for the brain. The brain needs regular breaks to refocus. Studying for a long time does not help in maintaining knowledge. It is therefore important to take breaks in study time to refresh your body.

Revision of the curriculum: Now is the time to review everything you learned for the exam. With FDST 2021 just around the corner, you won’t learn anything new. Simply revise all previous notes and books. A revision is a must in order to better incorporate information that has already been examined.

Plan your exam day: Review all the rules and requirements of the exam. If possible, visit your exam center the day before the exam to avoid stress on the exam day. Have all the necessary documents ready for the day. Also, plan your strategy for trying the question paper in advance for better time management at the time of the exam.

Maintain a positive attitude: Do not think negatively about the exam. Instead, be confident about your preparation. A positive mind will keep you relaxed and make it easier for you to focus and remember what you have learned. Try to remain calm before and during the exam. Recall that Michelle Obama once said, “Your success is determined by your own confidence and strength.”

FDST 2021 exam template

Review the exam template below for FDST 2021.

  • test mode: The test is carried out on a computer basis.
  • questions format: There is one correct answer to multiple choice questions.
  • ask paper: It is divided into two parts, Paper I and Paper II.
  • ask number: Paper I consists of 100 MCQs and Paper II consists of 150 MCQs.
  • Exam duration: Candidates have 120 minutes to solve task I and 180 minutes to solve task II.
  • Exam medium: FDST 2021 will only be held in English.
  • Evaluation scheme: 01 points are awarded for each correct answer and no points are deducted for each incorrect answer. In other words, there is no negative mark.

Other important details

  • In order to qualify for the exam, candidates must achieve 50% individually in each work.
  • Candidates are only admitted to Viva-Voce after passing the computer-aided examination.
  • The Viva Voce will be 50 marks. Candidates must achieve 50% in the Viva – Voce exam.
  • There will be 2 examiners in Viva Voce. Of the two, an internal one comes from the examining university and an external one from another university.

Curriculum for FDST 2021

The curriculum of the FDST 2021 is as follows. Candidates must ensure that they have a thorough mastery of the curriculum and prepare each and every topic mentioned in the curriculum.

Paper I.

object Number of MCQs
anatomy 10
physiology 10
biochemistry 10
microbiology 10
pathology 10
pharmacology 10
General medicine 20th
General operation 20th
Total number of questions 100

Paper II

object Number of MCQs
Dental anatomy & histology 10
Dental materials 10
Oral pathology 10
Oral microbiology 10
Oral medicine 10
Oral radiology 10
Oral surgery 10
Periodontics 10
Orthodontics 10
Community Dentistry / Public Health 10
Pediatrics and Preventive Dentistry 10
Prosthetics crown & bridge 20th
Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics 20th
Total number of questions 150

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The best books for FDST 2021

Check out the Recommended Books List for FDST 2021.

FAQs to prepare for FDST 2021

Question: When will FDST 2021 take place?

Answer: The exam will take place on January 11, 2022.

Question: How can I complete my curriculum on time?

Answer: Consistency is key to completing the curriculum on time. Study regularly and systematically. Create a schedule that works for you and follow it. Break your curriculum down into small topics and complete each small topic each day.

Question: I tend to get nervous during the exam. What tips are there to overcome this?

Answer: To avoid getting nervous during the exam, meditate, take a deep breath or take a short walk, speak with your good wishes or listen to soft music. Favorite foods also help you feel calm and relaxed.

Question: How can I remember everything I have learned?

Answer: Revision is the key. Repeat what you have learned several times. Revision is the best way to remember the topic you have learned.

Question: Is there a negative grade on the exam?

Answer: No, the exam will not be rated negatively.

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