How to prepare for GUJCET 2022

GUJCET 2022 preparation tips – The Gujarat Common Entrance Test (GUJCET) is a state exam conducted by the Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Board, Gandhinagar. It is a general entrance test conducted under Standard-12 for students seeking admission to the engineering, pharmacy, and medicine faculties at all prestigious private and state universities in the state of Gujarat. Around 100,000 students attend this exam every year. Needless to say, the sheer number of students showing up shows the competitive nature of this entrance test. However, if students study with full commitment and a good strategy, they have a good chance of doing well on the exam. Students should point out that they are persevering with a positive attitude.

It is of paramount importance that students have a correct and realistic strategy in place to prepare for the GUJCET 2022 exam. If you have not yet started exam preparation, it is imperative that the student start as soon as possible. No task is impossible when we are well prepared with our efforts. The following article gives the structure and procedure of the exam, important details and tips for preparation.

How do I prepare for GUJCET 2022?

First of all, we need to know the structure and pattern of GUJCET 2022, only then can we prepare for the exam and align our strategy accordingly. The details of the exam are as follows:

Exam mode Offline (pen and paper based test)
Duration of the exam 3 hours (60 minutes for each section)
Number of questions 120 questions
Sections of the paper Physics (40 questions), Chemistry (40 questions), Mathematics (40 questions), Biology (40 questions)
Evaluation scheme 1 point for every correct answer and -0.25 point for every wrong answer
Exam language Hindi, English and Gujarati

This paper enables students to study two branches of science that have specific guidelines as follows:

  • For the engineering examination, students must take physics, chemistry and mathematics as subjects
  • For the pharmacy exam, students must take physics, chemistry and biology as subjects

Students can only take up to 3 sections in a session, so the 120-question exam (40 questions per section) lasts 3 hours.

GUJCET 2022 curriculum

As this is an undergraduate entrance exam, there is no specific thematic curriculum prescribed by the governing authorities. The curriculum of 11th and 12th Grade of selected subjects according to the Gujarat State Education Board (GSEB).

All topics covered in the exam come from the previous grades of 11th and 12th grade.

Please note that the links provided are from last year, as there are no changes to the curriculum this year. Specific changes will be announced here. Below you will find the links to the detailed pdfs of the topics:

GUJCET 2022 Recommended Books

It is important that students learn from the right books that detail the subjects of the given curriculum. Below are some important books for any curriculum:

object Recommended books
physics NCERT Prescribed Physics Book, HC Verma, Pradeep Publications, Xam Idea Physics
chemistry NCERT Prescribed Chemistry Book, Organic Chemistry – OP Tandon, Physical Chemistry – Peter Atkins, Inorganic Chemistry – JD Lee
mathematics NCERT Prescribed Mathematics Book, RD Sharma, RS Aggarwal, Arihant Mathematics
biology NCERT Prescribed Biology Book, Pradeep Publications, Trueman’s Elementary Biology

General tips to prepare for GUJCET 2022

Below are the GUJCET exam tips for the students that would help them do well on such a competitive exam:

  1. Be very aware of the exam pattern and structure.
  2. A clear understanding of the curriculum and topics expected in the exam.
  3. Make an appropriately structured plan for each day, with a division of the study time with the greatest possible equality on all topics according to your preparation.
  4. Make sure you have a diet high in fruits, vegetables, and high fiber foods. Such foods ensure that you have a healthy body.
  5. A little exercise during the day will have a positive effect on your activity level, which in turn will help you learn better.
  6. Avoiding heavy / fatty foods that cause a feeling of heaviness should also be avoided as far as possible.
  7. Analyze your weak topics and issues and make sure you spend more time hiding your weaknesses.
  8. Take short breaks at intervals to maximize your productivity.

GUJCET 2022 Tried mocks

The students should make it their task to practice all the sample tests and sample work from the past few years. Not only would it increase student morale to take the exam, but it would also give students an idea of ​​what the papers would look like.

The sample papers and mocks are a replica of the type of work students would give and are therefore a very good way of assessing your level and preparing for the upcoming exam. By applying what they have learned in practice, they can learn from their mistakes and improve their performance.

GUJCET 2022 revision and Flash Notes

As students prepare, they should also keep creating Flash Notes that briefly summarize important concepts. These notes can help in the end as they can refresh / revise key concepts and formulas useful for the exam. A formula sheet would also prove beneficial.

For such a competitive exam it is not enough to only work on the topics once. Viewing is crucial for sitting in such exams. When creating their timetable, students should make sure that they allow enough time each day for revision. Candidates should make sure they take time to revise to retain what they have learned. The stronger the revision, the higher the chances of passing the exam with a decent grade.

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