How to prepare for HITSEEE 2022

How to prepare for HITSEEE 2022 – Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science (HITS), Chennai will host HITSEEE 2022 to enroll students in UG engineering and architecture courses. It is an entrance examination that is carried out once a year. This year it will take place in online mode. The exam includes questions from physics, chemistry, math, English, and general knowledge.

The students who want to show up for HITSEEE 2022 must start preparing as soon as possible in order to get good results. However, it is a very common fact that students find it difficult to find a good study schedule to prepare for exams. The article below will help you decide How do I prepare for HITSEEE 2022? systematically.

How to prepare for HITSEEE 2022

“There is no substitute for hard work” – Thomas Edison. Finding a good preparation strategy to pass the entrance exam is one of the difficult tasks. The key to success is called “hard work”. If you are determined enough to work hard religiously, nothing can stop you from achieving the rank you want in HITSEE 2022. Check out some of the simple preparation tips below. These have been curated to make your prep trip easy and efficient.

Curriculum- This is the holy book to success, so treat the curriculum as the building block of number 1 on the merit list. Be aware of each subject in the curriculum and use colored pens to highlight the subjects in the curriculum according to their importance in relation to the exam.

PYQs– Download the HITSEEE questionnaires from previous years and print them out. Keep your curriculum handy while you analyze the questionnaires. Now mark the questions in the order given below-

  1. Questions that are asked again and again.
  2. Topics for which there are a higher number of questions
  3. Topics about which there are the fewest questions
  4. New and miscellaneous questions

Time schedule– After you have analyzed the question paper, you will have a brief idea of ​​how you can plan your everyday student life in everyday life. Prepare the topics that are least important and difficult to finish. When you’re done with that, choose the easier topics and prepare notes from them. Allow enough time to revise every day or at least once every three days.

Textbooks Candidates must first read, learn, and practice every other concept of the NCERTs. Adhere to NCERTs for basic exam preparation. When you are comfortable with all of the theoretical concepts and have practiced all of the questions posed in the NCERTs, refer to some advanced textbooks or reference books to brush up on your preparation.

Remarks- Practice numbers every day and take long notes on all theory-based topics mainly from the NCERTs. As they revise, candidates can break down their long notes into short notes, figures, and diagrams. Highlighting the important points will help you memorize it better.

Mock tests– After a few months of preparation, candidates will have to take some mock tests and also the PYQs to analyze their preparation. With HITSEEE 2022 only a few months or days away, candidates will need to stick to revising the notes and trying the PYQs and mock tests multiple times.

Take breaks- While your brain tirelessly prepares for the exam, it is important to give it a good time to relax. To avoid exhaustion, take a walk outside between your study stations. Reading novels in between your preps will help you stay productive during the day. Get 7-8 hours of sleep a day and do some leisure activities to avoid the boring routine.

Click here to review the HITSEEE 2022 Curriculum

Examination template for HITSEEE 2022

To appear for HITSEE 2022, candidates must have a laptop, desktop or mobile phone with a good internet connection. The exam administration office will send all candidates the login ID, the time slot and the detailed procedure by email. The Examination Board communicated the following aspects of the HITSEE Examination Template 2022

  1. The test is carried out in online mode.
  2. The question paper is divided into 4 parts – physics, chemistry and math, English and general knowledge.
  3. The exam lasts 1 hour (60 minutes)
  4. The questions are asked in MCQ format.

The division of the HITSEEE 2022 into sections is given below:

object Number of questions
physics fifteen
chemistry fifteen
mathematics fifteen
English and general knowledge fifteen
total 60

Last-minute revision tips for HITSEE 2022

To calm those anxious ahead of the HITSEEE 2022 day, here are some last minute strategies candidates can follow:

  • As the exam approaches, candidates must prefer to try the PYQs and trial tests regularly. Invest your hours correcting your mistakes and improving your conceptual understanding of the subjects. It is recommended that you avoid reading new topics and stick with what you have learned before.
  • You must have taken plenty of notes during your exam preparation, and now it is time to take full advantage of those notes. Repeating each topic several times using the notes you have prepared will help increase retention.
  • Candidates can use various revision trackers available on the Internet to plan and track their daily revisions. Candidates can create a graph of their improvements to assess their preparation. This increases the self-confidence and morale of the candidates.
  • Give enough time to sleep and eat healthy food. Candidates will also need to have conversations with their friends, competitors, and teachers about the exam as this strengthens last minute preparation.

Meaning of the HITSEEE sample paper

HITS has made the sample paper for HITSEEE 2022 available on the official website. Candidates need to access the sample papers and try them out during their preparatory trip. With the new exam scheme, it is very important to know what the examiner expects from the candidates. Therefore, the sample papers give the candidates a simplified picture of the correct approach to HITSEEE.

The sample paper is created in the same format as the HITSEEE question paper, so it serves as a blueprint and helps identify the expected questions and important topics to study. The sample paper HITSEEE 2022 helps in the following ways:

  1. To find out the difficulty level of the question paper
  2. To analyze what should be prepared by which topic
  3. Familiarize yourself with the exam pattern
  4. To get rid of the fear of the exams
  5. To develop a good way of dividing the time between the 4 sections of the question paper

Important books for HITSEEE 2022

It is important to refer to advanced books other than the NCERTs in order to get good results on the HITSEEE 2022. Hence, the table below lists some of the best books for HITSEEE 2022 that can be of use in preparing for the exam

Books shortcut
Concepts of physics Buy here
Problems in general physics Buy here
Papers thematically solved chapter by chapter
Mathematics for engineering
Buy here
Problems in math with clues and solutions Buy here

FAQs to prepare for HITSEE 2022

Q. Is the HITSEEE curriculum the same as the main JEE curriculum?

Answer The JEE Main and HITSEEE curriculum mainly covers the same subject as physics, chemistry and mathematics. Therefore, candidates can use the JEE Main textbooks to prepare for HITSEE 2022.

Q. Will NCERT be enough for HITSEEE 2022?

Answer NCERTs must be read carefully by candidates in order to remove any conceptual doubts for HITSEE 2022. However, candidates can also use advanced textbooks to prepare with a clear understanding of all subjects

Q. How many physics questions will there be from HITSEEE 2022?

Answer There will be 15 questions from physics in HITSEEE 2022.

Q. Will HITSEEE 2022 be conducted in offline mode?

Answer The HITSEEE 2022 is only carried out in online mode.

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