How to prepare for KEE 2022

How to prepare for KEE 2022 – The preparation by a student plays an important role in every exam. Proper preparation is key to passing an exam. Students must create lesson plans and strategize for their preparation while attending an exam. Merely studying before the exam will not help a candidate do well. Therefore, in order to do well on an exam he/she is taking, a candidate must start preparing beforehand. A student who has prepared well by following a proper plan and schedule has performed well on an exam compared to a student who has not followed a proper preparation plan. This article will help students prepare well for KEE 2022, which will be held in the last week of April.

How to prepare for KEE 2022

Thorough knowledge of the syllabus is not always enough. Candidates must also develop a strategy. In this article you will find all useful information.

KEE 2022 exam overview

The table below provides students appearing for KEE 2022 with an overview of the exam.

details details
Name of the exam Karunya University Entrance Examination (KEE)
Governing body Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences
Exam level university
Exam mode On-line
Exam duration 150 minutes / 2 hours 30 minutes
curriculum Math/biology, physics, chemistry, general aptitude

Prepare for KEE 2022

Students appearing for KEE 2022 can follow the steps provided as they prepare for the exam to do well on it.

  • Creating a timetable: It is very important that students create a schedule before they start preparing. Creating a timetable helps students understand how to allocate their time to subjects according to their proportions. Students can easily understand how to divide time between difficult and easy topics. You can divide your time for specific topics and take breaks at the same time. Creating a solid schedule is the first step to avoiding confusion and roadblocks. This also motivates students to study well for the exam.
  • Time management: Time management plays a major role in exam preparation. Proper time management and completing the exam within the given time frame is very important. Therefore, students need to allocate time to the subjects/topics they want to study within a given time. This helps students finish the part early and gives them time for review. By allocating time to subjects, students can avoid last-minute preparation and start retaking for the exam in advance.
  • Mock tests and sample work: It is very important that students try as many mock tests as possible and prepare using sample papers. This will help students get an idea of ​​the exam pattern and the questions that will be asked in the main exam. By trying mock work and sample work, students can manage their time to complete the work within the given deadline. This allows students to complete their main exam within the specified time frame and avoid last-minute submissions.
  • Taking notes: It is necessary for students to take notes and sheets while studying in order to remember well. Students are good at remembering by taking notes. It also helps students revise the prepared notes quickly. Therefore, taking notes helps students with last-minute revisions.
  • Be confident: Belief and self-confidence also play an important role before taking a test. Students must remain confident and should not doubt themselves. Nervousness will not help a student do well on an exam. An examinee must never compare his preparation with others. Comparing yourself to others pulls him/her back. Therefore, self-confidence is just as important as preparing for an exam.
  • Proper Health: Students must take good care of their health during the exam period. You must sleep well. Students should not stress themselves and prepare accordingly. Proper sleep and eating are very important to be able to concentrate well during the exam.

Study plan for KEE 2022

Students are advised to create a study plan for the exam they are aiming for. A study plan is a timetable that helps an examinee to manage their preparation time well. The candidate attempting KEE 2022 must prepare using books recommended by experts and coaching centers. He/she must try as many slips as possible to beat the time limit. You should give each section time to be thorough on that particular topic. Students must watch the topper interviews and follow the schedules they set in order to do well on the exam. If you follow all these methods, the candidate will be ready to come to the exam with confidence.

KEE 2022 curriculum

Students must be aware of the syllabus before appearing for the exam. The syllabus provides a thorough understanding of the subjects, chapters, subtopics, and units that must be studied for the exam. The curriculum for KEE 2022 is Mathematics/Biology. Physics. Grades 11 and 12 chemistry and general aptitude. Candidates appearing for KEE 2022 should thoroughly prepare the following subjects. Subjects for the exam are as follows:

object subjects
mathematics Analytical geometry, vector algebra, differential equations, integral calculus, matrices and determinants, complex numbers
physics Semiconductor devices, electrostatics, wave optics, atomic physics, dual nature of radiation and matter, communication systems, current, nuclear physics
chemistry Basic concepts of chemistry, sold-state chemistry, atomic structure, alcohols and ethers, thermodynamics, electrochemistry, chemical equilibrium, carbonyl compounds, chemical kinetics
biology Biotechnology, Applied Biology, Cell Biology and Genetics, Theories and Evolution, Biology in Human Welfare, Immunity, Human and Plant Physiology, Modern Genetics

KEE 2022 exam pattern

Candidates must be aware of the exam pattern of the exam they are taking. In order to prepare well for the exam, it is important to have an idea of ​​the distribution of grades, the sections, the grading scheme and the pattern of the exam. This allows candidates to allocate time for sections that require more preparation. The exam pattern for KEE 2022 is as follows:

  • Type of questions – MCQ – Four options are given, only one of which is the correct option.
  • Exam Mode – Online – This is an open book exam.
  • Length of time – The exam lasts 60 minutes.
  • Total number of questions – 50
  • Points assigned to each question – 2 marks.
  • negative mark – No points will be deducted for incorrect answers or unanswered questions.
  • Overall grades – 100

The grade distribution for (all programs) and B.Sc (Agriculture/Gardening and Nursing) is given below

object Number of questions Brands
physics 10 20th
chemistry 10 20th
Mathematics/Biology 20th 40
General Eligibility 5 10
General ethics / Christian values 5 10
total 50 100

The best books for KEE 2022

mathematics Textbook for NCERT grades 10 and 12
RD Sharma Mathematics Textbook
Math course by RS Agarwal
physics NCERT grades 11 and 12 physics textbook
DC Pandey, New Concept Physics
HC Verma, Concept of Physics
chemistry NCERT grades 11 and 12 chemistry textbook
P Bahadur, Computational Chemistry
Robert Morrison, Organic Chemistry
biology NCERT grades 11 and 12 biology textbook
James Watson, Molecular Biology
Peter Raven, Biology of Plants
General Eligibility Ram Mohan Pandey, General Aptitude
RS Agarwal, General Aptitude

FAQs to prepare for KEE 2022

What is the KEE 2022 curriculum?

The KEE 2022 paper is divided into four sections covering math/biology, chemistry, physics and general aptitude.

Can I prepare for KEE 2022 in a week?

A week is not enough for a full preparation. Students must prepare for KEE months in advance by creating a class and study schedule. Examinees must prepare using books recommended by experts and coaching centers, complete sample tasks, and attempt mock tests in order to be thoroughly prepared for the exam. Students must begin retaking the exam one week before the exam.

What books can I use while preparing for math?

Examinees can use the NCERT grades 10 and 12 math textbook, RD Sharma math course and RS Agarwal math sample papers to be thorough in math.

How do I organize my time during the exam?

Candidates must attempt mock tests and sample papers by setting a timer to complete the exam within the time frame. Candidates must not spend too much time on one question. If candidates cannot answer a question, they must move on to the next question and try the unanswered questions at the end. Candidates must try questions they are confident about first and then try the questions they are unsure about at the end to save time and complete the exam within the given time limit.

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