How to prepare for SNAP 2021/22

Whether you are a / BBA / BA / engineering student or from different fields like law, pharmacy, agriculture, medicine, etc. Master of Business Administration (MBA.)) will help you grow your career faster. Even if you are an aspiring entrepreneur, the management education at a prestigious B-school will definitely help you shape your personality and create a proper perspective.

If we talk about good B schools in India, Symbiosis International University (SIU) and its affiliated colleges such as SIBM, SCMHRD, SIIB and 13 other SIU colleges are sure to be on the list of MBA candidates. Symbiosis National The aptitude test (SNAP) is the examination carried out by the SIU for admission to 16 renowned colleges. Yes, SNAP is a single entry into any of Symbiosis’ 16 MBA colleges.

So let’s understand everything about SNAP 2021-22 and how to start preparing for it.

SNAP 2021-22 paper pattern & curriculum

SNAP 2021-22 will be a 60 minute exam consisting of 60 questions divided into 3 sections:

1]General English: reading comprehension, verbal reasoning, verbal skills – 15 questions

2]Analytical and logical thinking – 25 questions

3]Quantitative, data interpretation & data sufficiency- 15 questions

(For FREE video links on all Quant and LR-DI topics, see this article)

Oral skills and reading comprehension The section consists of the questions based on passages, grammar, vocabulary and some other topics. Regular reading on a variety of topics will help you master this section.

Logical thinking and data interpretation is definitely the most important section as there is the maximum number of questions in this section. Quick thinking skills and plenty of practice of logical reasoning are the only keys to the ace in this section. Below are some of the important topics for the Logical Thinking section in the SNAP 2021-22:

# Coding, decoding and series

# Family tree / consanguinity & sense of direction

# Syllogism and Venn Diagram

# Arrangement, order and priority

# Dice and dice

# Analogies and critical thinking

$ Visual / abstract thinking

# Games & puzzles

You really have to practice the right questions to gain the confidence to do well on this section. You can definitely check out some of my free videos (link below) to start preparing for this section.

FREE logical reasoning sessions (Download the Unacademy app and Unlock it with code SHAH 10 to see these free sessions. It’s a very simple process and hardly takes 60 seconds)

Session 1 –

Session 2–

Session 3–

Session 4–

Quantitative ability Section of SNAP 2021-22 will be primarily based on the concepts studied through Grade 10that. Reviewing all of the concepts, memorizing key formulas, and practicing around 30-40 questions on each topic will really help you score well on this section. The important areas of quantitative ability are listed below:

# Number systems, divisibility, remainders, faculties

# Algebra (linear and quadratic equations and inequality)

# Arithmetic

# Geometry

# Modern math

If you are one Non-engineer or a Non-mathematical background Students can begin their preparation by mastering the basics of math (please check the link below for the FREE YouTube Videos on the basics of mathematics, which covers all topics)

Link to the basics of mathematics:

Now that you’ve completed the videos above, it’s time to get started on the topics listed above. I’ve created one again Playlist of free QA videos (on YouTube, under the name SNAP / CMAT / TISSNET Prep series). Access them all through the link below:

Link for FREE Quantitative Ability (QA) Videos on YouTube:

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Ronak Shah

Ronak Shah is the founder of Proton Training Solutions, Pune, and is also a recognized quantitative skills, reasoning and data interpretation trainer on the Unacademy CAT Channel on YouTube. Ronak Sir has more than 13 years of training experience for exams such as CAT IPMAT XAT SNAP CMAT and other MBA and BBA accesses. Sir has trained more than 20,000 students through online and offline sessions during that time. Ronak Shah has also performed for CAT many times and has hit 99 percentiles in the Quant section.

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