How to Prepare for the 2022 Cucet Exam: Study Plan & Tips

The CUCET exam takes place once a year in order to gain admission to the UG, PG and integrated programs of the central universities. If you want to get high CUCET results, you’ve come to the right place. Note that unlike other admission exams at the national level, there are a large number of applications coming in each year. Make sure your preparations are careful as you will be facing a large crowd.


According to experts, you will only get this far if you simply rely on the best books and study materials; Therefore, it is equally important to understand the exam syllabus and schedule.

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Table of Contents

Tips to prepare for the CUCET 2022 exam

What are the key themes of the CUCET curriculum for 2022?

Tips for the CUCET quantitative aptitude department

Tips for the English language from CUCET

Tips for CUCET Logical Reasoning

What are the best CUCET 2022 prep books?

How do I prepare for CUCET and board exams at the same time?

Tips to prepare for the CUCET 2022 exam

You will need a good preparation strategy and study plan to pass this exam. Start preparing well in advance to ensure you complete the curriculum on time and have enough time to revise.

Latest updates for CUCET 2022-

Delhi University is expected to introduce CUCET in 2022-23 – in accordance with UGC rules

Admission to DU begins in 2022 via CUCET: Everything you need to know about the joint admission test for 41 central universities

What is the best way to prepare for the CUCET exam?

Make sure you fully understand the material and the exam format.

Create a curriculum that suits you.

Select the appropriate learning materials and books.

Prepare all topics according to the curriculum.

Many questions from last year’s work have to be answered.

Weekly mock tests should be attempted.

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What are the key themes of the CUCET curriculum for 2022?

Knowing the curriculum will help you understand the critical topics that need to be addressed. Take a look at the CUCET curriculum in the table below to organize your preparation.

Expected sections subtopics

English language comprehension, vocabulary and grammar

Logical thinking. Analytical thinking and critical thinking

Mathematics Elementary Mathematics (9th, 10th grade)

Other rubrics Special rubrics for certain degree programs, news / general knowledge, etc.

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Tips for the CUCET quantitative aptitude department

To pass the quantitative section you need to practice (practice is key). Refresh your memory on all of the principles of normal eighth, ninth, and tenth grade math as most of the questions are based on these topics.

Focus more on topics such as Averages, Profit & Loss, Measure, Number System, Geometry, Simplification, Quadratic Equations, Ratio & Proportion, Mixtures & Assertions, Time & Word, Time, Speed ​​and Distance.

Tips for the English language from CUCET

In order to master the English component of the Common Entrance Test for the Central Universities test, you need a solid preparation method.

Make a habit of reading the newspaper every day to expand your vocabulary.

Start preparing high-traffic terms by downloading them from Google.

Focus on improving your grammatical skills.

Write down the difficult terms and their definitions in a notebook and try to repeat them regularly.

Tips for CUCET Logical Reasoning

Try to solve different levels of questions every day.

Also, practice more and more puzzle questions to improve your problem-solving skills.

Take weekly CUCET mock tests to test your level of preparation.

What are the best CUCET 2022 prep books?

As you study the English Language, Logical Thinking, and Mathematics areas of CUCET, you can use the following CUCET prep books.

BSC Publications’ English is simple

RS Aggarwal’s non-verbal reasoning

Quantitative suitability of RS Aggarwal

How do I prepare for CUCET and board exams at the same time?

Board tests begin in May and end in June. We recommend that you balance your preparation for the two boards and joint entrance exams.

We recommend that preparation for further training begins at least 45 days before the examinations before a committee. After 45 days, you can only concentrate on preparing for an examination before a committee.

After completing the examination before a committee, you will start preparing for the joint entrance examination.


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